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Apr 24, 2005
Fort Myers
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How about adding a delete option, so that posters can delete only their own posts. I've seen this on other forums,especially on the classifieds forum. Once an item has been sold,the seller can delete the post. Eliminates the need to keep photos stored on a host site.

Just a thought! :D
When Derek gets back he can address this.

Meanwhile Mods can lock a thread when the item is sold. I do that, I don't know if the other Mods do or not.

Most forums that I am familiar with do not delete a "sold" thread once the item is sold. Some may value the info on what something was sold for as historical info.

If you deleted your own post and there were replies, having the replies stand without the base post would not be a good idea. So having Mods lock a post or delete the entire post is probably going to be the only way to deal with this.
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