Defensive Shooting Classes for Pistol, Shotgun and Carbine 2015


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Jan 29, 2014
New Hampshire
Folks, we're offering many class throughout NH and RI over the next several months. Below is a list.

Please contact me if you wish to sign up. Do so soon as space is limited. [email protected] or [email protected]

5/2/15 Keene, NHPistols N Pink womens and firearmsCCF&G

5/9/15 Holderness, NHPistols N Pink - Women only handgun classPemi
5/17/15 Holderness, NHDefensive Pistol 1Pemi
5/22/15 Bradford, RIPistols N Pink women only Bradford
5/23/15 Bradford, RIDefensive Pistol 1Bradford
6/6/15 Holderness, NHDefensive Shortgun --- CruzPemi
6/13/15 Keene, NHDefensive Pistol 1CCF&G
6/20/15 Bradford, RIDefensive Pistol 2Bradford
6/21/15 Bradford, RIDefensive Shotgun --- CruzBradford
6/27/15 Dunbarton, NH Defensive Carbine 1Pioneer
7/18/15 Holderness, NHDefensive Pistol / Carbine 1Pemi
7/19/15 Dunbarton, NH Defensive Pistol 2Pioneer
8/1/15 Holderness, NHDefensive AK 47Pemi
8/8/15 Bradford, RIDefensive Carbine 1 Bradford
8/9/15 Bradford, RIDefensive Pistol 3Bradford
8/23/15 Holderness, NHDefensive Carbine 2Pemi
8/30/15 Keene, NHDefensive Pistol 2CCF&G
9/12/15 Bradford, RIDefensive Pistol 1Bradford
9/26/15 Dublin, NHDefensive Pistol 1Peterborough (PSC)
10/10/15 Bradford, RIDefensive Shotgun --- CruzBradford
10/11/15 Bradford, RISafety Class 3 hours (free for members) 9 tp 12 noonBradford
10/24/15 Keene, NHDefensive Carbine 2CCF&G
10/25/15 Holderness, NHDefensive Carbine 3 (Cruz)Pemi
11/1/15 Keene, NHFighting Shotgun with CruzCCF&G
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