Defensive Pistol Pemi Fish and Game July 19th.


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Jan 29, 2014
New Hampshire
This class is designed to enhance your defensive pistol skills. This class is appropriate for intermediate to advanced students. It is expected that students are proficient, safe and know the manual of arms for their specific firearm.

Topics covered:

  • Presentations from holster
  • Shooting on the move
  • Shooting from cover
  • Moving off the line of attack
  • Precision shooting under stress (Par times with shot timers)
  • Accuracy drills (trigger press, sight picture and sight alignment
  • Malfunction clearance drills
  • “Point shooting”
  • Speed and tactical reloads
  • Verbal commands
  • Targets engaged from 3 to 25 yards.

Items needed for class:

  • Ear protection / eye protection
  • Serviceable handgun (revolver or semi-auto pistol). Minimum caliber, 9 mm or .38 special or larger
  • 600-800 rounds of ammunition (more is better).
  • Strong sided belt holster (hard formed leather or Kydex holster preferred) and magazine pouches
  • Strong belt
  • Three magazines, or speed loaders
  • Water, snacks and or refreshments
  • Back up side arm (guns break so you may wish to bring an extra firearm).
  • Comfortable clothing
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