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Jun 15, 2015
I took On Target Training's defensive pistol 1 class last Saturday at CCF&G Club in keene NH. First off the facility is beautiful, an excellent place to train.

Lead instructor is Seth Wish, his Co-instructor is Brad Gaudet of BG Gunworks. Both are real knowledgeable guys and are easy going. If your looking for an internet commando instuctor that is all mouth and no brains these are not your guys. Seth is an educated articulate instructor that has invested a huge amount of time and money constantly improving his skills.....and it shows. Brad is a quiet relaxed guy that has crazy honed skills and is an established and reputable gunsmith. Together they make a great team. My class was a total of 7 shooters with skill levels that varied from a shooter that had fired a gun a dozen times or so to a gentleman that had attended several classes in the past.

The Class started off at 830am sharp with introductions, safety briefing, paperwork, and a talk that simply brought the point across that at all costs avoid a fight, be aware, avoid trouble and trust your instincts...but if that fails win the fight. Those pointers were stressed through out the day. That all lasted about 30 minutes. After that it was short walk with our gear to the range, equipment was checked, mags loaded and we were off. Let me be clear this is a shooting class, Seth says 450-500 rounds are a minimum...bring more its worth it. I shot over 600 rounds. Bring a clean lubed gun that can run flat out, bring 3-6 mags, Bring a ton of water and snacks. No matter your skill level bring a notebook you will learn allot.

We started with a few simple drills so the instructors could evaluate us, work on grip issues if needed, trigger reset, etc and then we were running hard and fast. We ran 2 squads to keep everyone fresh, mags loaded with time between drills to quickly evaluate and get ready to rock again. Seth and Brad balance drills so you are running full tilt then back off and have to shoot more precise, self evaluate and rock another drill. I wont list all the drills we did but I did take quick notes and we were encouraged to practice them on our own. Rest assured you are going to run your gun and learn allot along the way....and your going to have a BLAST!!!

You come to this class to learn to and have the confidence to survive the worst few seconds of your life and the instructors push that mindset and keep your head in the game. Seth and Brad are good at evaluating each student constantly and pointing out little things to make them better individually. This is not a pair of gung ho, tough guy, full of themself commandos, but two smart guys who care about and invest time into every student and everyone improved by the end of the day. They can teach and brothers and sisters they can shoot.

You can not go wrong taking a class from On Target Training, I'd like to thank the instructors and my fellow students, everyone made it a GREAT DAY of training. Im looking forward to my next class.

Thank you,

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