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Defensive Carbine 1 08AUG15 AAR --- Re-post from facebook


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Jan 29, 2014
New Hampshire
Defensive Carbine 1 08AUG15 AAR: By Martin Kwong

The class started with 30 minutes of in depth lecture by Seth Wish on the principles of defensive gun use with a rifle. After addressing the realities of modern day use of a weapon and the philosophies behind a carbine, the shooting day began at the rifle range at Bradford Sportsmens Club. This course is roughly of 400-500 rounds of rifle and 100-150 rounds of pistol, pistol being a secondary weapon. The first series of drills involve single shot presentation drills and marksmanship drills from 50 yds and 25 yds. Next, we transitioned over to close range speed drills that involved shot strings of two, three, four, and five aimed at different combat effective zones of the body. Seth did a great job of balancing these drills with some precision shots in order to keep us on our toes and challenge our shooting. After running the gun for sometime, we incorporated the pistol as a secondary weapon in case our rifles went down and the target happens to be very close quarters. Seth added intensity to this course by putting pressure on students as they worked to fix their primary weapon and get it back into the fight. The day ended with some fun drills that drove home the fighting mindset of Defensive Carbine. This course is a great introduction for shooters who may not have had any formal tactical weapons training and wish to see what their AR/AK is truly capable of. For those with a lot of experience running the gun, Seth does a good job of making sure you still get a lot out of the class. Having taken several stress fire/tactical weapons classes, I can say that this is one of the best in regards to mindset because Mr. Wish is such a great instructor and experienced shooter.
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