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DefendEar Digital X3 Review & Recommendation


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Jul 31, 2020
Having decided to invest in custom digital hearing protection, I was referred by a friend to New Hampshire Hearing Institute in Manchester and booked an appointment last month (just a few days after my call) with Dr. Sarah Linskey. She is very experienced with hearing protection for shooting sports and recommended the new Westone Digital DefendEar line. Three. Odell were available to choose from - X1, X3 and X5. I choose the X3, it features three modes: clay, game and tactical and was priced at the midpoint of the line at $1,000 including the custom molds, initial appointment with Dr. Linskey and an appointment to check the fit and operation when they arrived back from Westone 3 weeks later. Multiple color options for both the mold and electronics cover were available. I didn’t go too bold. Carrying case, replacement batteries, cleaning fluid and cloth were included among the case candy.

I picked them up today and the fit is very comfortable, they are easy to control the volume and switch modes, and the sound is very clear. if MMSC is dug out for the weekend, I look forward to trying them out on the clays course and will update this review. So far, so good. If you’re in the market, check out the Westone DefendEars and book an appointment with Dr. Linskey!

here is the link to New Hampshire Hearing Institute: Our Audiologists | New Hampshire Hearing Institute | Audiologist

here is the link to Westone DefendEar: Westone DefendEar - DefendEar Digital

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