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Milwaukee M18 inflator
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with batteries & charger

The deal that includes the batteries is a much, much better deal. You're getting two 5.0ah batteries and charger for just an additional $65.

50 cal ammo cans at HF for $10 if you join thier club for $30. Shipping is only $6
Tempting. Reviews actually look pretty good..

I bought a bunch from Academy for $10 each a few years back and kicked myself for not buying more. They turned out to be really good for my purposes.

I've got a similar color on a MalColMar CETME-L - like any fungus, it grows on you.

We are taking about guns.

Outside of any violation of 2A in the first place, it is up to each state to determine how much regulation is allowed at the city/town/county level. Keep in mind that Boston has its own assault weapon type ban as well as a knife ban.

Is it all legal? In the sense of "can a locality set laws?" Maybe depending on state law. Is it a violation of 2A? Oh yeah. But the jurisdiction is irrelevant to the violation.

For instance, let's say that the Bruen decision comes to its logical conclusion and we get all our rights back. Let's also say that in the state of Ill of Noise, there is only a restriction of carrying of weapons in municipal buildings. Assuming it's valid under Illinois law, Chicago could further regulate that within the confines of Bruen, say inside of schools, to a more stringent standard that, at present time, would be valid under 2A interpretation.

It IS possible.
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