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Dec 7, 2005
In this age when it is common to complain about treatment received by licensing authorities (sometimes with warrant), I thought folks might be interested in my recent experience renewing my NH Non-Resident Pistol Permit:

Last Wednesday, I received a letter advising that my license would expire in about six weeks, inviting me to renew, and enclosing a renewal application.

I promptly filled out the application (in handwriting; who has a typewriter nowadays?), printed out the .pdf that has copies of my licenses from various states and agencies, drafted a covering transmittal letter, and drew a check. Made a photocopy of the whole thing, stuffed it in an envelope, and dropped it in the mail the next morning.

To my horror (and embarassment) I discovered yesterday morning that the original of the renewal application was still in my copying machine. I considered just dropping it in another envelope, but was concerned that the two mailings might not marry up.

So I looked up the phone number for firearms licensing, dialed, got an answering machine, and left a message explaining my oversight, and leaving my home and mobile phone numbers.

About 1900 last night, my mobile rang. It was a very nice lady from NH DPS, who said with a chuckle I wasn't the only one, and sugested I scan the application and email it to her. Since I was in a place where I couldn't write anything down, the lady agreed to send me an email so I'd have her address. I scanned and emailed the application when I got home last night.
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