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Custom Suarez Glock 19x/34 - $1000


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Sep 29, 2020
Offering my custom Glock 19x/17 for sale. Built on standard G4 Glock frame with trigger job, and custom Suarez International Supermatch slide/upper. NP3 Barrel with custom cerakoted integrated muzzle brake (same dimensions as a G34), optics cut and three 10rd mags, with additional mag rebuild kit. Additional competition mags and OWB holster also available for purchase separately if interested. Built for me in late 2019, test-fired by Gabe Suarez, and then a few mags with me at the range...and then Covid hit, and no more competitions. Otherwise, RemOiled has sat in my climate-controlled safe. I now shoot other platforms, and would like to this to go to a new owner. Price is fair and firm. If you know guns, then you know this is a good deal, and you don't have to wait 4-6 months to get it. eFA-10 somewhere near Lancaster/Metro west, or frame transfer at the Mill in Littleton with either CDUsa or Defensive Dymanics. $1000 cash. 6468725409. Thanks for looking and God Bless America.


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