current situation in Mass WRT firearms laws, regulations, lawsuits

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Nov 8, 2005
Just looking for a quick recap of what is going on in MA.

As far as legislation goes, nothing new has happened since 2014, correct? I have the following new proposed legislation from GOAL's website:
2017 - 2018 Legislation

GOAL Legislation For 190th General Court

(are these the same?)

I also read recently here on NES about a couple new "anti" bills (tax on ammo and guns being one of them).

As far as lawsuits:

1. Comm2A against Healey's July 20th activities

2. NSSF filed vs AGO! Thank you to the 4 retailers who are part of the suit!

3. GOAL against the "assault weapons ban"

4. Challenge to MA Ban on Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons Today Comm2A and the Center for Individual Rights filed a federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a state law banning stun guns and other non-lethal electrical weapons. Press Release Complaint Enjoy. We'll be on Bradley Jay WBZ next week to talk about this.

5. Comm2A Challenges Burden Shifting Earlier this month we filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Holliston: Hunt v. Moore Does the Second Amendment really protect an individual right when the individual can be forced to prove that they are not prohibited from exercising that right? Can an individual be denied access to an enumerated right simple because it is impossible for them to prove that they’re not prohibited by law from obtaining a license that would allow them to exercise that right? Can a Massachusetts police chief require an applicant for a firearms license to prove a negative? This is the case we announced Wednesday on Episode 6 of GOAL's podcast 'The Primer'. I'll neg rep the first person who posts: "Oh, but I thought Holliston was a green town...."

6. Gould v O'Leary - Comm2A Carry Case v. Boston / Brookline It seems we didn't start a thread for this even though it was filed a year ago. Gould v. O'Leary is the third right-to-carry case filed by Comm2A and targets Boston and Brookline. It got off to a slow start, probably because we still had Batty out there. Boston has moved for judgement on the pleadings. A hearing is set for March.

7. OUI vs. Carrying Under the Influence (FUI) We didn't get a chance to post this earlier. We now have a preceduntial opinion saying that it's reasonable to be convicted of FUI but not OUI. COMM v. VERONNEAU The defendant's primary contention on appeal is that his conviction of FUI is fatally inconsistent with his acquittal of OUI. After consideration of this and other arguments presented by the defendant, we affirm.

8. Comm2A Challenges Prohibition Based on Non-Violent Misdemeanor Convictions Morin v. Leahy. Yesterday we filed a suit challenging the state's prohibition on anyone convicted of any weapon or ammunition related offense that carries the possibility of incarceration. In this case the plaintiff plead guilty to two misdemeanors counts punishable by no more than 180 days. He received a suspended sentence, probation and community service. Other than one minor mistake that put no one at risk, he has no criminal record. Like many other similarly situated individuals, he is not in any way dangerous and cannot in no way be considered a public safety risk. Yet, in Massachusetts, he is a prohibited person.

These are what come to mind. Is there any place that summarizes these in one sentence, including who is suing who over what? I could not easily find this info at the Comm2A site, and it is buried in the forums here, but I just did the 3 above from memory. I would just like to be able to summarize what is happening for our club tonight. I would like to keep GOAL and Comm2A in the forefront, and possibly invite in to speak to the club in the future, so want to give some info now, if possible.

I will go back and fill things in as I find them or people can help.

Thank you for your help.
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Feb 26, 2005
Some of this has changed. It is amazing how slow things go in the court system.
If you have any connection with the courts/cases, you wouldn't be surprised. I've served lawsuits that were ongoing >10 years after the case was first filed. SEC had me "verify" by trying to serve Bradlees HQ about 15 yrs after they had gone bankrupt! Yup, they were no longer at that address! [rofl]
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