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Mar 29, 2018
128 Great Rd. Stow, MA

Come down to the Great Road Firearms clubhouse, grab a complimentary cup of Invader Brand Coffee,
and check out our large inventory and get to know the family here!

Got woes about H.2095? (click for text)
By Mr. Linsky of Natick, a petition (accompanied by bill, House, No. 2095) of David Paul Linsky and others relative to the sale, transfer, or possession of large capacity ammunition gun feeding devices. Public Safety and Homeland Security.

GRF has your back. Regulate politicans, not firearms.
Come stock up on Pre-Ban Magazines at our everyday prices:

$39.99/ AR15 30
$29.99/ AR15 20
$49.99/ M1A
$29.99/ AK
$7.99/ G3

We try to stock as many other styles as possible. If we don't have it, we'll do our best to get it for you!


We also have our everyday great pricing on:

Pre-94 AR's: Colts $1899, Others $1799

Pre-94 AK47's: $1399

MA Compliant Fixed-Mag AR's (9mm/.223/5.56): $799-999 AK's:

Our store policy is that every rifle designed for a standard capacity mag includes one free pre-ban mag!
We also stock many pre-ban mags available for AR's, AK's, M1A's, and pistols.

Ammunition at rock bottom pricing:

Speer Lawman and Blazer Brass Ammo; $8.99/50 9mm,
Speer Lawman $12.99/50 .40 S&W
Aguila $14.99/50 .45ACP
Federal .223 $5.79/20, 5.56 (XM193) $5.99/20
Winchester/Federal M855 Green Tip $6.99/20
Sellier & Bellot 12GA 2 3/4 9-Pellet 00 Buck $10.99/25
Prvi .38 Special $12.99/50 in FMJ, LRN, SWC, and SWC HP
American Eagle .22LR High Velocity $1.99/50
CCI/Aguila .22 Standard Velocity $2.79/50

And many others! We stock hard to find calibers multiple offerings and loads.

We are always expanding our inventory. Check out current inventory by clicking HERE

And as always: If we don't have it, we'll transfer it for our everyday transfer price of only $10.

Great Road Firearms is a veteran owned and operated business, as well as having both former and active law enforcement on staff. We understand what it means to put your life on your gear, and for that reason we carry only the highest quality goods and back every purchase with a guarantee of your satisfaction. Whether it’s a shotgun for your next hunt, a new handgun to take to the range, or a patrol rifle for your go-bag; whatever your need, we’ve got your back in ensuring that you’ll have the best tool for the job.

We're located at 128 Great Road (Rte. 117) in Stow, MA - directly across from the Shaw's plaza, on the first floor of the Curtis Septic Building. Just look for the tank in the driveway!

Take exit 26 (East) off of I-495, and continue 6 miles (about 7 minutes) to find us on your right.


(978) 298-5401


11AM-7PM, 7 Days a Week.
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