CT Senator doesn't mind illegal guns on the streets

Mar 31, 2021
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Maybe you guys can make better sense of this than I can ...

A state senator from New Haven says: “What person on the streets of Hartford who’s spending time out there, or who was in a neighborhood who used to spend time out there, doesn’t have an illegal firearm?” and "“who might be out on the block, as we say, who might be doing things we don’t want them to do, but are not the people that are shooting up the community. We know those people."

Ah yes, CT. You can have your "silencers" unlike in MA but pistols with threaded barrels are *assault weapons* and illegal. Gotcha BITCH lol
No gun is illegal. There are only tyrants trampling your rights that the gun should be used to remedy.

sure. I'll go with that ... seems like the democrat sentaor does also. as if he supports the right to defend onself without the burden of regulation, licenses or certification.

nah, no democrat would ever support that.
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