CT Gunshow this weekend?

Apr 9, 2006
New Milford, CT
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A friend to me that there is a show in Wethersfield on May 6th at 207 Church st. .
Has anyone her ever been to this show before, I'm told it's a small show (100 tables), I hope I don't waste my time going there like I did going to the show in Waterbury that was cancelled.
Its a great little gun show I like it. There has been a mix of stuff in the past of blackpowder, surplus military and gun parts too. There is an awesome display of Mausers and Finnish weapons too. I wish we could see more displays of the surplus military guns all in one place it would be really neat. Its not as big as the german rifle display at the Big E its just a small display but its nice to see them in person rather than in a pic. I think any gun show is worth going to because we never know what will be there. I have missed some good finds in the past at some of these smaller gun shows by not going. This show and the Durham show are worth going to. I wouldn't drive two or three hours to go to it but if your in the area I would go for sure. There's another even smaller gun show in wethersfield area too and there were a few mausers, a few finnish and even a mosin sniper and it was priced affordable too. At the gun guild show there is the guy from CT who we see at most of the other gun shows in our area too(big e/durham). You have to watch is table for good finds too. Once at the durham show he had older revolvers at $50 each(3) that i passed by at first and after thinking about it i returned to get them they were gone. He also had an sks sporter with a thumbhole stock for $200 too once so we need to checkout his table. He has had FN49's/Garands in the past too. Even if its one table that has one great find its worth going.

BTW; There's no beef jerky there but where the coffee is the gal there last time had some fresh homemade carrot cake that was awesome too.

What ever happened to the surplus military gun show at the Hartford EXPO Center? I see on the list the EXPO Center has only the Antique BP gun show listed in October 14/15. I enjoyed this BP gun show too lots of unique older rare high priced stuff but it was fun to look at. There wasn't much C&R stuff there but there was a '95 chilean 7mm mauser and a 30/40 krag sporter there once. I wish they still had our military gun show there because in the past i got some better buys there than the big e show. Maybe with the new convention center in hartford will see a bigger military gun show in the future i hope.
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Wethersfield Gun Show May 6 & 7

Thanks for the nice review Big Bill; The show is this weekend May 6 & 7 in Wethersfield and is put on by the collectors organization Ye CT Gun Guild, Inc. We try real hard to maintain a quality show, even if it means we are a smaller show(yes,without the jerky[rolleyes]). Admission is 5 bucks and we never stick you for parking [smile]!

Check out the website www.ycgg.org for directions to the show and some interesting articles on German Mausers. Some areas of the site are still being updated, but take a look. See you at the show!
K31, welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy it here.

How big is that show these days?

I remember tripping down to CT perhaps 26-27 years ago to that show and I thought it was a good sized show (probably 300+ tables) in a NG Armory around Hartford area.
This is a small show but there can be great finds in these little shows too its decent. There's a little something for everyone from some blackpowder stuff, to our C&R guns, to some modern guns, ammo collectors and some gun parts too. I like the smaller shows because its a time when i can chill out and not have to rush because of the crowd pushing me and i get to talk with others who have the same interests i do too. You can't do that at the Big E gun show its rush or the'll run you over from all directions. I like to look at everything slowly too some of the different stuff that i have never seen before looks interesting too. If i'm not there tomorrow afternoon then i'll be there sunday morning for sure for coffee first of course.

We really need to support these gun shows we have left if there close by you so you can attend too. I don't want to lose anymore gun shows now. I wish we had them more often too like on a regular basis like a flea market once a month or every two months i would go too. We need to show support for these guys too.
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I just went to the ycgg gun show and its awesome, there were more guns than usual. There was a swede mauser ($225), swiss k31 ($149) in great shape too and some carcano's ($100)and many garands and m1 carbines to choose from too. (I'm on the wagon from buying right now or the swede would be in my hands right now.) I found a pretty nice swede M96 stock but i left a swede stock w/handguard there if someone wants it. In the upper room there is gun displays too, its worth going today before its too late. Its really a good mix of stuff today there's a little something for everyone.

There were guns on display too it seems to be growing at this gun show more and more lately too. There are finnish rifles on display, FN mausers on display, german mausers on display plus more too like handguns and lots of other stuff to see too. This show is definitely on my list of gun shows not to pass up from now on, i try to go to everyone and now i'll make sure i go to everyone.

Next time i'll try to go at 9am on saturday to give you a heads up sooner.
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