Consistently getting Flashplayer Redirects after clicking on threads.

Oct 21, 2011
Hull, MA
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30-40% of the time I click on a link, I get a new tab opening up that is redirecting me to install a new version of Flash Player.

I'm running the up to date version of Chrome.

These are the two I've come across just this morning and have added them to my Ad Block folder.

I've not clicked on them and cant just close the tab. I need to go into Task Manager to shut down Chrome to keep from activating anything.
It is most likely a virus that was installed instead of a flashplayer. Do not get the update, totally clean up this flashplayer, try to run a anti-virus program, then install it from scratch
Don't touch that shit.

You either have malware on your system or someone has hacked your router and has bad DNS servers poisoning your network. If it only afflicts one browser and not another its probably just malware. Get malwarebytes free, update it, reboot your PC, and scan that shit in safe mode and have it douche your machine out.

Ugh not the flashplayer redirect virus. I got this last year from a fake "update" for my adobe and ended up screwing with my computer. As others have said download malwarebytes or other antimalware programs and clean it out.

I found the program STOPzilla to work well at cleaning out my computer. It was the only program that picked up a Trojan virus on my computer. Norton's and malwarebytes wouldn't pick it up.
The thing is, I haven't ever clicked on the update button, or anywhere on the web page that comes up in the new tab. I go into task manager and shut down Chrome. It's on my work computer, so the virus updates are current. I'll take your advice once I get back in on Monday.

Thanks guys.
I ran everything that was suggested. I'm only getting the redirects on this site. No other sites are doing this to my browser.
Did you go into Add/Remove programs in the control panel and remove the flashplayer then reinstall from adobe's website? I'm just throwing out possible solutions here, I don't know if that would fix it.
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