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Considering a "snubby"

So Tauruses were once shit tier guns that fired when you shook them lightly. Does that mean the company will forever make dogshit guns? Hyundai cars fell apart in the 90s but they're not so terrible now, right?
Oh, "carry revolvers" have been discussed before:

I love revolvers I just hate snubbies. With .357 the 340PD is almost impossible to control. Try hitting 3 shots on target in a row, it's ridiculously hard for me.

I was one of those stupid women who let myself get talked into a snubbie as a first gun. What an absolute mistake that was.
If you got a 340 you also ended up with the basically the worst snubby on the market. Those things are aids. When it's not beating someone up, it's blowing up. 🤣

I've shot lots of heavy recoiling firearms and that's one that I will turn down every time. 🤣
I like my old school 80s Chief's Specials for concealed carry had one of each. Most times now it's the S&W Model 60 with two 5 shot speed loaders in the pocket. Get an older Pre - Lock model they are better if you can.
Different grips for different occasions.

. DeSantis, IWB leather Holster.
. Installed is Uncle Mike's Boot Grips rubber version of Craig Spegal's popular wood boot grips.
.80s Bianchi Lightning Grips S&W J-Frame. Converted your revolver to a snag free hammerless type revolver.

. Factory grips with a Tyler-T-Grip adapter.
. Ahrends Tactical J Frame Wood Boot Grips.



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