Combo USPSA and Precision Rifle match at Granby


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Jul 10, 2011
Worcester County, MA
Not sure if precision Rifle matches are for you but would like to give it a try, then this is the event for rifle needed.
From the Granby Bow and Gun club Facebook page.

Oct 7 Pistol / Rifle Combo Match Combo info: Please let your friends know.

We will run an 8 stage match with (4) pistol stages and (4) precision rifle stages. Shooters will compete in the USPSA match in the morning and then shoot (4) Precision Rifle stages in the afternoon for a combined score. This match is intended to introduce pistol shooters to precision rifle and vise versa. Coaching and equipment will be provided. Shooters may compete in any USPSA pistol division and must provide their own handgun, ammo, holsters, and mag pouches. If you have questions about pistol see the email below. Don’t have a rifle, no problem. We will have a 6.5 Creedmoor Ruger Precision Rifle (courtesy of Ruger and Vortex Optics) available for 10 shooters (one squad) to use. Rifle will be zeroed with confirmed come-ups (dope) so you will just need to pay for your ammo. **You must pay for your ammo in advance with the rifle/ammo product button in the shopping cart.** Instruction and equipment will also be provided. Couldn’t be easier…. there are only 30 slots available for this combo match. 10 shooters will have access to the club’s loaner rifle. This match fee is for the combined pistol/rifle match and you must register/pay here for the combo match. **IMPORTANT** IF YOU NEED TO USE OUR RIFLE AND AMMO you will need to pay for the ammo in advance here. Precision rifle ammo for the match is $50.00 (40) ROUNDS @ $25.00 PER BOX.

Goto club website to purchase entry and ammo if you are using the loaner rifle.
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