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Nov 30, 2007

I inherited a Colt King Cobra revolver, 357 magnum, with a four inch barrel. It has become my favorite handgun, as the neoprene grips fits my hand like a glove. I think the balance of this gun is excellent, with the heavy barrel up front it tracks beautifully without a hint of barrel shake and the sights are prominently visible.

The double action is butter smooth and I can trigger it without disturbing the sights from the aim point. The single action is the best of all other revolvers I have; with it I can keep a coffee can bouncing around all day long at sixty yards distance.

I don’t know if the double action and single action of this revolver is typical of them all or if my father had worked on it himself, but I do know that after trying several revolvers it has become my personal favorite.


I have with the gun a Bianchi X15 shoulder holster, Uncle Mike’s inside-the-pants holster and a couple of HKS speed loaders. The X15 holster seems to have undergone considerable use; I recall my father using this gun to take does for the meat larder from his tree stand in our country property.

This is a great heirloom piece. In a world of automatic pistols it is indeeda little antiquated, slow and under capacity with only six rounds on board, but I doubt that many service pistols in use can be as accurate as this gun is.

Anyway I like it very much, it fits perfectly and I enjoy using it. I venture to guess that this is what it's all about; namely, being comfortable with one’s piece and enjoying its performance. This Colt King Cobra certainly does so for me.
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Nice piece. That is indeed a special heirloom as it belonged to your father. What a connection.......

I hardly believe that revolvers are antiquated as defensive weapons. A six-shot 357 Magnum service revolver with a 3 or 4 inch barrel is a formidable defensive weapon.

Several professional trainers agree.
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Sep 11, 2005
Leoburg/Fitchminster area
I'd say that you have yourself a very nice .357. I remember the double action on the King Cobras as being a little on the heavy side, but very smooth. The gun was an upgrade from the Trooper and was designed to compete with the then-new S&W 586/686 which came out in the early to middle 80's and also the Ruger GP100 which also came out about the same time.

King Cobras are strong and very durable revolvers. You are very well served by a quality .357. Anyone who says that revolvers are outdated lacks experience in my opinion. Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch is quoted as saying "Revolvers ARE real guns" and frankly I'll take "six for sure" anytime. The truth of the matter is that many shooters would be very well served by a revolver than by a semi-auto. The simplicity of design,the simplicity of the manual of arms and the reliability are hard to beat. Reloading is the only weak point, but with a speed loader or a speed strip, with practice, an fast reload can be achieved. Revolvers are a lot more forgiving when it comes to ammo types, and maintenance too.

Have fun shooting your King Cobra...gee,I sure wish Colt would become a real gun company again.

Mark L.
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