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Jan 28, 2012
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July 4th is upon us.

This is July 4th is going to be the least free Independence Day in quite some time. So we might as well start Christmas in July. Or even a 12 days of Christmas of sorts. There has been quite the infighting going on lately. Between Coronavirus and Protest/Riots this is definitely not the year. Point is some of you bastards are being massive drags and we need to lighten up the show a bit.
I have now met a good number of you in person through private transactions, group meets, and officially as a nontraditional gun store. I operate as Pathfinder Armaments out of the mill part time like many others and decided to spread some cheer to celebrate quite a number of large orders lately. So with that said after checking with @Admin first I shall be doing a GREEN member giveaway using a random number general on July 4th for a Surefire X300U 1000 lumen. (Edit: Cut off for entry is 12PM July 4th) It will be EITHER a 300U-A, which is a raillock attachment method or a X300U-B which is the traditional thumbscrew. The winner will have the CHOICE of which model they prefer. I do apologize because at this time I only have black models, but like good old Henry Ford, I'll give you whatever color you want so long as it's black. All taxes and fees for this giveaway shall be covered. If resident is in Massachusetts it will be delivered in person at the mill in Littleton barring unique circumstance because you owe it to yourself to make the trip to the mill at least once. If you are out of state you are welcome to make the ride if the ride is not unreasonable or I will ship it priority USPS.

Raillock (Left) Thumbscrew (right)
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I have many other things planned for the near future to shake things up a bit, but you gotta have some patience and start a little small. Enjoy and I hope everybody has a wonderful 4th of July with their families. Stay posted for more from me.

Rules (Shamelessly stolen from the monthly giveaway)
How do you enter?
Simple, if you're a GREEN member you can simply post in this thread "In" and I will add you to the drawing.
If you are not a GREEN member become one and post "In" in this thread.

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