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Client feedback regarding our class, Realities of Concealed Carry


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Jan 29, 2014
New Hampshire
Below is an email sent to me by one of our clients, Mike G.

Realities of Concealed Carry
Class was taught at Bradford Sportsman’s Club
Date 4/30/2017
Charlestown, Rhode Island

"Without a doubt, this was a great class! The information shared was critical for any person with the properly authorized CCW licensed individual to know, especially when carrying a concealed weapon. I was surprised of the things I thought I knew, and the things I knew nothing about. The legal aspects of the class were worth several times what I paid for the class!

The range time lead by the master instructor Seth Wish. I learned correct handling and shooting technique in a very safe environment. Learning things like proper presentation of the weapon from concealment. How my timing plays a huge roll in self-defense. Seth instruction on marksmanship, loading and ways clear malfunctions were extremely valuable, as were his insights about avoiding “training scars”.

This class has increased my proficiency and confidence with my handgun. Plus my range time is now better utilized with specific drills and techniques. Finally, the detailed legal brief by Attorney Wyatt Brochu on RI law was invaluable.

Thank You Seth, I’m already booked for your next class!

Mike G"
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