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May 16, 2011
West of Boston
JULY 27 & 28, 2019, KEENE NH

Instructor: Brian A Sayers
Weather: Saturday & Sunday: Sunny and Hot 86ish.
Location: Cheshire County Shooting Sports Education Foundation

Arriving at the range & seeing the familiar faces was heartwarming, I was a little nervous as this was going to be the first time I have ever fired an AR15. I had taken a lot of pistol, shotgun & medical classes, but never any time behind a rifle. Me being an average dude, I did not want to f***up & look stupid in front of the class. We all shook h&s, exchanged some hugs while we got our gear out & set up the line. Brian lent us MASS-HOLES each 5 st&ard capacity mags for our AR’s & 5 mags for the AK Jimmy was running. I brought up a Haley Strat. Rig but was a little embarrassed to put it on. I would try to stuff all the mags & pistol mags out of my pockets. (MISTAKE by lunchtime I would put it on & it worked SO much better) We started off with our introductions & what we wanted to get out of the two days of training. For me it was easy. EVERYTHING! I had no idea what I was doing with the long gun. We had our safety briefing & medical briefing on what to do if there was a training accident, Brian’s truck was backed in & the hospital was programmed into the GPS in case we needed to do a medical evacuation.

Brain went over the fundamentals of marksmanship, how to hold our rifles & the proper use of slings. He showed us how to engage & disengage AR & AK safeties & when they went on safe & when they came off safe. We practiced that. We were shown the proper sequence of loading & reloading, MOVING OFF THE X making sure the magazine was seated correctly & why it may not be. INSERT, TAP, TUG, CHARGE every time.

We went over the Wyatt protocol FAST, how to draw our pistols. We set up in front of our DEA dot targets at 6-7 yards to learn about sight/muzzle offset. We shot the dots & varied our aim point noticing the impact points & how to get hits where we wanted them from the close range we were at.

We were shown & practiced transiting to our pistols, & proactive reloads, why & when it made sense to do them. We did that, & it was super fun! Then things took a turn for not so fun for me. We were shown how to do offside shooting (partial) where we keep the gun in our dominant h& & used our non-dominant shoulder & eye. Brian demoed it, it looked easy enough, but I could not do it. No matter how I tried, I could not see the sight in my left eye. After a few minutes of personalized instruction, I was getting frustrated & my arms were getting tired from holding the gun while I attempted to get my head into position. Brian was great, he was patient & understanding. The fix came when he placed masking tape on top of eye-pro where my right eye was. Finally, the sight came into focus, but I was spent by then. I need a few minutes to recover.

I was much better when we practiced the full offside shooting. It made all the difference with my right eye covered & using my non-dominant hand. ALL GOOD IN THE HOOD!

We broke for lunch (I took the tape off my eye, no more PIRATE) & some of the class went down to the clubhouse for Saturday buffet. I had brought my lunch & stayed up with the gear. Another student (JIMMY) stayed up also & we chatted under the canopy to cool down. MAN WAS IT HOT under the sun! sweating like a pig, not that I have ever seen a pig sweat… One of the things I enjoy about these classes is the other students, I have never met an arrogant or a**h*** in class. Always super nice & interesting people take the classes that I have been in. I have taken enough classes around the New Engl& area that I am beginning to see the same people come back & they are becoming like family. Each person is incredibly nice & they sincerely want to help you with having a great day & to learn new skills. We were sharing gear, food & drinks. Mikes wife made some INCREDIBLE muffins that he brought both days. SOOO GOOD! That in itself was worth the drive. Brian is constantly giving his gear out & not accepting money for his gifts, I have seen this in every class he has taught. It’s *MUFFIN AWESOME (reference my everyday pistol review 6-15/6-17/2019) After lunch, we learned how to shoot from lying on our backs, seated, kneeling & getting to our feet. DAMN, it was fun! We drilled that for a while, then practicing moving & shooting forward, backward, to our left & to our right. Every time after each iteration was completed we used the Wyatt protocol (FAST) ingraining it in our DNA.

We were shown where to aim at a bad guy to make them stop. If we were not straight in front of the target, we were shown where to hit them from every angle we were shooting from to ensure maximum effect. #SCIENCE “blinded by science as the great philosopher Tomas Dolby once wrote” Brian demonstrated how to keep moving while we were shooting with obstacles reloading along the way. He would always tell us to KEEP MOVING YOUR FEET! It's more important not to get shot than shooting the bad guy. Keep your head & eyes up. You don’t need to look at your gun to fix it. TAP, TUG, RACK, if that does not work insert a fresh magazine! DO IT NOW! Remember why you are here! There are evil people wanting to do evil shit to you. MOVE! As I write this the next day I can still hear his words in my head!

We practiced one by one moving around barrels keeping our shots in the heart of the target even at the long angles from the far corners of our barrels. We then practiced moving in & out of the barrels in a figure-eight pattern both forward & in walking backward while keeping the rifle shots accurate & deadly. GOOD STUFF & having a ball doing it. Day one was over. I cleaned up & headed out back to my hotel for a shower, some food & bed. I was frigging beat. Blisters on my h&s, my back was sore, I was completely spent. As we were cleaning up I was noticed I had a BIG GRIN on my dirty face. I was having the time of my life! The others all went out for dinner together & I was invited, that was not going to happen. I was incredibly tired. So tired that the next day when I got in my car, I noticed I had not even taken it out of drive & placed the car into park. I was asleep by 9:30 with lots of Ibuprofen in my old ass body. I should have done this in my 20s & 30s or even my 40s. But better late than never I guess.

Day 2 started off with our safety & medical briefings. Again going over the details in case there was a training accident & how we were going to h&le one if it happens. We broke up into teams of two. Mike & I were on TEAM WATCH (he coined it, not me I later was paired up with MATT & we were dubbed as TEAM KNEE PADS, there were jokes there…) We learned how to safely work with a partner, how to go back to back & each covering 180 degrees of space. We first did the drills solo & then when we had the movements down we added our partner to the drill. We shot as a team, around cover, st&ing, kneeling & in the fetal position. We moved as a team from cover to cover & we communicated as a team from close distances as well as far away distances. We were practicing proactive reloads when our partner was doing the shooting. Or as the WIZ-BANGERS say, “..while our teammate engages hostile targets…”

Our final drill of the day was a 10-min team drill with a large berm of earth between the teams. We had barrels to simulate cover & a steel target was placed about 50-60 yds away. We fired at the steel from behind cover while our partner watched our six. If the shooter ran his mag out or had a malfunction we moved on the ground counterclockwise one hundred & eighty degrees & the other person would start shooting until his mag ran dry. We had to yell to the other team on the other side of the berm that we wanted to move to the next piece of cover & wait until they yelled back the permission. We moved forward 4 barrels 1 barrel at a time & then back 4 barrels communicating with both our partner & the other team. We worked well as two groups shooting at a common bad guy & once the drill was called over, we had to communicate with our local partner on who had the most ammo in the gun & where we were going to move as a pair to get the heck out of the danger zone & to the closest safe area we could find. IT WAS AWESOME! we rocked that shit out of the park! Knuckle bump! I was sweaty, breathing heavy, heart rate up & was kind of impressed with how we did. I later was shown a video of the drill Brian took. I could see so many places for improvements on my part. Mike was a superstar. But I was pretty happy in the performance of myself & the others.

We cleaned up, had our final debrief told the class one thing we learned for the day. As normal Brian told us if we did not think the class was worth the cost of the class he would refund our money immediately. None one spoke up. I got 10x the cost I paid for the class, I am pretty sure everyone else felt similar. Maybe not my 10x, but at least double+ worth of information & skill vs the cost of the class.

If you get the opportunity to take a class from Brian Sayer your life will be changed for the better & you’ll have the time of your life. He is one of the nicest, kindest, knowledgeable instructors you’ll ever meet. READ my review of everyday pistol here

Instructor Brian A. Sayers
Phone: (518) 929-4818
Email: [email protected]
Instagram & YouTube: Shoot Videos

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