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May 16, 2011
West of Boston
JUNE 29 & 30, 2019, KEENE NH

Instructor: Brian A Sayers
Weather: Saturday: sun, clouds, the mid 80’s. Sunday: Heavy rain, thunderstorms, very muggy in the mid 70’s.
Location: Cheshire County Shooting Sports Education Foundation: Pistol Bay Three
Class Size: 3 students (including myself) Student abilities ranged from skilled seasoned alumni (Denise) to first-time pistol shooter. Ages: 25-58. Two men and the fantastic Denise.

This was the second time I took this class this month, so this AAR will be an abbreviated summary of my experience. For a complete and detailed review of my experience in Everyday Pistol (class date June 15 &16, 2019) click here: CLASS REVIEW: EVERYDAY PISTOL, 3R OPERATIONS, INC. JUNE 15 & 16, 2019- KEENE NH

A group of four students canceled at the last minute due to the weather forecast (thundershowers both days. Pussies!) The class was extremely personal which was great for the students, we had a private lesson for two days. AWESOME.

Two of the three students were an alumnus and the third was a new pistol shooter. After the thorough medical and safety briefings, we focused on getting off the X, clearing our cover garment high and a proper tight thumbs forward grip. We practiced the draw stroke until Brian was satisfied that the new student had correct. We were continuously reminded go slow get it correct. He would always remind us “...It’s better not to get shot than shooting the bad guy…”

We shot the big DEA dot targets for a while, added dummy rounds to each of our five magazines to practice clearing malfunctions. “…MOVE!, tap, rack and get that gun back into the fight..” Always using the Wyatt protocol (F.A.S.T.) Fight Assess, Scan, and Top-off.

We worked on clearing the three types of malfunctions we may incur during a fight by MOVING, tapping and racking and if needed inserting a new magazine until it became ingrained and no thought was needed to do it correctly.

We changed our dot targets to humanoid targets and were told only the top portion of the A section of the heart and the A section of the brain were considered good hits. We shot the shit out of these and it was a great time shooting, clearing malfunctions, assessing (making up missed shots), scanning, topping off and reluctantly re-holstering, all while keeping our heads up and focused on the threats. GOOD SHIT! “…Any misses of where you intended the bullet to go… AND YOU BECOME AN ACTIVE SHOOTER possibly…” Brian would say.

We shot two-handed, strong hand and using our weak hand only. We learned how to clear malfunctions with only one hand (dummies in each of our magazines) AWESOME STUFF.

At lunchtime, the three of us eat together picking Brian’s Brain on all sorts of subjects. He is a personable, approachable and a likable dude that you wanted to hang out with and chat with. SO MUCH experience and knowledge were being transferred during the lunch break. After lunch, we were shown covert ready and practiced that a few times. “...The fastest gun in the fight is the one already in your hand he would say...”

As Brian would watch the line his attention to detail for perfect form and technique was OCD’ish. Nothing gets by him, especially in this size class. We were very spread out so we could move a great distance without knocking into others. Still, nothing got by that MF’er! He would always be saying remember why you are here, that bad guy wants to KILL YOU. You need to be hard to kill. Move on those reloads. Get off the X do it NOW! In his commanding voice!

We shot from kneeling and from our backs...fighting to our feet and slamming accurate deadly fire into the heart and Brian. YEAH! Brian would give us around count to shoot into the heart and the brain, asses, scan, top off and reluctantly re-holster. He would walk the line giving us polite correction where needed. (NOT ALL INSTRUCTORS ARE SO POLITE WHEN CORRECTING YOU! Thank you, Brian, for being a human being and not a f***ing a-hole)

All through the day, we were reminded to be in the mindset of someone is trying to kill us. We were being made into hard to kill good people with the mindset to win with whatever we had. We shot while moving forward and moving backward. “..Good shooters know the shots they can make. Excellent shooters know the shots they can’t make…” If we were too far from the target to make accurate deadly fire, we would not shoot until we were confident that we could hit what we’re aiming at. “…If we start hitting innocent people now we are an active shooter...”

Final drill of day one was one person shooting while moving around obstacles, forward, backward, left and right. Performing reloads and clearing dummy rounds as they go click instead of a bang. After scanning Brian would ask us a particular question about something behind us. If we did not get it correct we would continue our scan and taking in every detail we could see and remember until we got the next question correct. GREAT TEACHING MOMENTS!

Day one was over, however one alumni student was not able to come on day two so Brian stayed late to do the day two drills with her. As an alumnus myself, I was asked if I wanted to stay and do the drills as well. f*** YES! I was tired, sore, dirty and a little sunburned from the long day, BUT more time with Brian I was not going to decline even though I’d be doing the drills again tomorrow. We finished around 8:15 – 8:30 and I headed back to my hotel to clean up and crash.

Day two started with the mindset lecture. I loved the lecture and got some important information that I had missed. Brian reiterated that people should train at Tactical Response. Its life changing. I will absolutely agree. It was LIFE CHANGING for me! The three battles you must fight. The gun battle, the legal battle, and the emotional battle. You will not only learn how to survive these battles but win these battles.

After the lecture, we headed to our range in the rain. We did our medical briefing and safety briefing and called out the medical professional in class to remind who it was. We went over the procedure in case there was a training accident again.

We shot right up against the target in retention position and then we shot one-handed retention with the other hand protecting the back of our head. As we moved back, we “zippered” the shots from the groin to the heart. Love the feeling of the gun shooting so close. f***ING AWESOME! We practice these until everyone was comfortable with the muzzle blast being so close. I absolutely loved it. My Favorite drills!

Brian set up barrels to simulate cover and a steel target and a paper target to shoot at. He showed us the correct way to use cover and not to show target indicators. We were shown supine/fetal position shooting behind cover. How to shoot from different elevations and different positions demo’ing it a few times.

Our final exercise was a long string of fire with everything we had learned in the two days. One at a time we would line up do a correct draw while moving off the X aim at the bad guy's heart and standby for instructions. He would say bad guy number has bugout start scanning for additional threats. At some point, he would yell FIGHT! And we would have to look, orient ourselves to the threat, place multiple shots to the heart as we are moving behind cover. At that point, he would tell us bad guy is down and another bad guy showed up (the steel) we would engage the steel bad guy from behind to cover, multiple shots and move to a different elevation or side of cover. Standing, kneeling, supine/fetal. Doing mag changes correctly when needed. At some point, Brian would say this cover has been compromised move to additional cover. We should shoot on the move until we got the next piece of cover. We would engage the bad guy from supine/fetal and kneeling until that cover was compromised and move the third piece of cover and do the same. Once Brian would tell us that bad guy was down, we were to scan and top off. Brian would ask us a question about what we saw from our scan. Then based on what we were taught at the lecture, Brian would have us make the 911 call (simulated of course, Brian as the operator). I was first and a massive thunderstorm rolled in (of course) The rain was coming down so hard I could hardly see the target at one point during the drill I could not catch my breath the rain was so intense, that pushed my anxiety way the f*** up which I used as a training aid. If I was in a real-life encounter I would be freaking inside, which I was! A great experience.

We debriefed, talked about something we learned, certificates and hugs were given, and we were done. We broke our shit down and went back to our vehicles soaked. I peeled my layers of soaked clothes off and changed into dry warm clothes and was happy and sad the class was over.

GREAT FANTASTIC CLASS!! Brian is so confident in his material and his instruction that at the end of the class he offers you your money back if you did not think you got what you paid for it. We should have given him more money. We got much more out in the knowledge, practice, and repetition than we paid for. EASY DECISION! Brian is a great instructor. He tells you a few times what he wants, he shows you how he wants it done and tells you again what he wants… I like that. I will take more class from Brian Sayers. You should too if you are in the North East.

Instructor Brian A. Sayers
Phone: (518) 929-4818
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: Shoot Videos
YouTube: Shoot Videos
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