CDMedia Initiates Formal Media Inquiry With Fort Bliss Over Soldier Saying She Will Shoot Americans

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Dec 13, 2006
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This story is developing…

CDMedia has filed a formal media inquiry with Fort Bliss over a TikTok video showing a female enlisted soldier declaring she will ‘point her weapon at Americans’ if they do not obey her orders to ‘get in your house’. She declared ‘you will become the enemy’.

You can see the video below.

This is a stale dupe already, but, it’s nice to hear someone putting some pressure on him. Her. It. Sadly, because I know how this goes, she’ll sue for harassment just because she eats the rug and it’ll all go away quietly. Happens daily with these delicate minded folks. Personally I hope she gets hit by a f***ing Blue Bird.
It's a new Army.

I can tell you straight from Ft. Sill the Drill Sergeants are hazing (yknow that thing that was and is out and out verboten otherwise, in recent years) trainee platoons regarding the jab... As in old school "do it or I'll take you out and beat you" type shit. Why would they thing that wouldn't bite them in the ass?

Word from on high comes through -

Coupled with the fun new stand down training on diversity and "extremism" I do not think anyone will recognize the new face of our armed forces as a whole in a few short years.

First go a bunch of unvaccinated then "extreme" and who's left? Plenty will walk away. Others will knuckle under to avoid a BCD.
"she" is in her mid 30's and a 88M (truck driver)... E-6 after five years was not uncommon in CA if you are squared away, I made E-5 in exactly two years (enlisted as E-3)... who knows these days but most non CA were slower when it came to rank... It used to be that beyond E-6, promotion was no longer at the field, didn't have an in person review as decisions were made by remote promotion board. Pretty sure this is still the case.
I'm guessing the closest she's come to pointing a rifle at anyone was flagging people on the range.
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