Can you throw used cases with used primers in regular garbage in MA


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Apr 1, 2005
Near Framingham
M1911, just because you haven't heard of something does not make it true or false.
And your assertion that it will happen, something for which you have provided no evidence, doesn’t mean that it is true.

In my opinion, you have made up this risk out of whole cloth.


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Dec 30, 2013
Thanks for posting the story. Very real and no he didn't win this legal battle, the courts sided with the PD.
De nada. I felt bad about making some recent posts
alluding to MGL without formal cites or links,
so I felt I owed it to you and the crew.

Besides, I hadn't heard the story before.

Really hits home how in the PRM,
legal-yet-annoying librarian(=>police) baiting
is a stupid game that can win you stupid prizes.

If you suddenly realize that
you're careening towards
the makings of a viral YoutUbe video -
You May Be Unsuitable.

Looks like the plaintiff is now a radiologist in Florida.
Hope it's working out better down there.
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Apr 24, 2005
A PD where they revoke an Army Officer's LTC for sitting in the children's section of a Public Library would have no regrets at doing the same

in a scenario that I painted above. I've known a lot of chiefs over the years and some of them would also do the same thing, I am certain of it.
Rule #3B in the gun owners handbook is "avoid all unnecessary contact with the police". If that individual had simply moved when asked by library staff and been polite about it "sure, no problem" then quietly left the library as soon as the librarian was no longer engaging him, it would have been a non-issue.

Instead, according to reports, he basically said "there is nothing prohibiting me from sitting here so I will stay" - resulting in a call to the PD. Anyone who knows the Brookline deal knows the PD runs a scavenger hunt to try to find reasons to deny or revoke an LTC, even the JV target only version.

Sometimes one has to choose between keeping their LTC or making a serious point with well funded litigation. He accomplished neither. In other words:

ps: I made up the rule number, but nothing else.

ps2: I recently learned the Python programming language was named after Monty Python.


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Sep 11, 2007
Just go to a gun range,and throw them on the ground,in some of them the cases will be gone before they hit the ground.
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Jul 1, 2012
Portland, ME
IIRC, if you remove the primer from the cases, it won't matter even in the PRM. If it's not a caliber you're setup to reload, then a hand decapper would be the way to go there. Yes, it's more work, but it should be no issue. Otherwise, drilling another hole, or otherwise demilling the cases would make them safe.
Nope. Still a component. Technically Breathing in the spent smoke is not legal without an FID/LTC.

My favorite is still the conversation I had about storage at Bourne range before it got shut down the second to last time.

Guy was yapping at me since I brought a bunch of 9mm which wasn't in the original containers. He tapped at me for taking my brass and throwing it in my bag. (I didn't reload yet, but planned on it so was saving just my brass.).

I finally asked him how the heck one is supposed to store reloaded ammo in their original container. Of course, he told me reloading was illegal.

Still carry a spent shell casing from that (my first) MA range trip in my bag.
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