Can anyone identify this revolver?

May 1, 2012
Belmont, NH
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A friend asked me about a revolver his father had in his collection. The closest I found was a Japanese govt type 26 revolver, but while close, that's not it.


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looks like a fairly well made revolver of the time, can't believe there's no markings anywhere visible.
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No markings in the backstrap? Like British Bull dog? That ejector rod looks like a Webley Bull dog Revolver's? It also has that stupid stubby cylinder look I hate. Maybe someone bobbed the hammer.

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That's outside my area of interest, but I do know there were literally hundreds of different civilian guns based on Webley's bulldog design (like this one), that were churned out by French and Belgian factories during those years, like a northern European version of Khyber Pass guns. This gun could be any of those. A lot of them were even fraudulently marked Bulldog. The hammer and grip on this one say it's not a Webley; what it is? Who can say?

Most are serviceable, some are excellent.
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