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Feb 25, 2005
Monadnock area, NH
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Tony flew in Thursday afternoon. Melody picked him up and when I got home we packed gear, drank beer, and smoked some cigars. We finally ran out of beer just short of 2 am Friday morning.

My son woke me up at 6 am Friday morning. I was trying to figure out how I got hit by a train while laying in my bed. But I had been hit, my body was hurting and my head felt like it was going to explode. Knowing that I had a 10 hour drive ahead of me only made my head hurt worse.

We arrived at Camp Perry around 11:30pm Friday night. My headache finally cleared around 9pm that evening. We unloaded the truck and put everything in to our hut. I was looking forward to a nice long sleep. Tony and I were awoken by someone hammering some god awful thing at 7:15 am.

Tony and I needed to double check if there was going to be a zero change on our rifles because of the altitude change in Ohio. We found a range off the side of route 2 just a few miles from the base. Tony’s Wilson barrel wouldn’t hold the 9 ring at 200 meters, and confirmed my suspicions that the barrel was bad. I suggested he go and see John Holliger and get a new barrel put on his upper before the matches started. We went down to White Oak and John took care of everything. The next day we went back to the range and had the barrel holding the x-ring in 5 shots. Problem solved.

Tuesday morning we had to be at the range for roll call by 6:15ish for the President’s Match. It’s a 30 shot match, 10 shots standing @200 meters, 10 shots rapid @300 meters, and 10 shots prone @600 meters. The top 100 shooters get the Presidents medal and are allowed to wear the Presidents Tab on their uniform if they are in the military. Considering how bad I shot, I was pretty lucky to make the cut. Tony had some problems in the standing and didn’t shoot that well. I believe the temp that day was 97 degrees and about 65% humidity. It was pretty harsh to say the least.

Wednesday morning was the National Championship. Same time at the range, but it was only a brisk 93 with less humidity, a welcome condition compared to the day before. I didn’t shoot as well as I would have liked to. I clicked my windage on the wrong direction for my first shot at the 600 and was happy to catch a 5 at 3 o’clock. On my 3rd shot I shot a 10 on the target next to me and my day was over at that point. I don’t know if fatigue played a part, but mentally I wasn’t all there.

The awards ceremony was Friday night. I was able to receive my Distinguished Badge on stage which was pretty cool. After the ceremony the USMC team presented Julia Watson with a Trophy M1 Garand for setting the national record in the standing a month earlier in Colorado which was also pretty cool.

We packed up Saturday morning and left at 7am. And I got a speeding ticket in NY on the way home. 50 people speeding and I’m the jerk that gets tagged. I couldn’t even catch the two guys I was using as lead blockers they were going so fast. [wink]

I'll add some pics later to this thread when I have them done.
Can't wait to see the pics when you can get to them hun. And congrats again on the award! (I can't believe that only 10 pts. separated 100 people...yikes!)
Congratulations on the President's 100! Good shooting.

Welcome back to both of you, it sounds like it was a good time.

Don't worry, Lynne didn't hit the Red button while you were gone. :D
Derek & Tony,

It's a high honor to even make Camp Perry!

Derek, kudos for making the President's 100!

You had fun, learned a lot about how the National Matches go and next year you'll be better prepared.

Now relax and catch up on some sleep and reading here. :D
TonyD said:
Perry was awesome! I learned more ways to f*** up than I even knew existed!

With the way my scores have been all over the place this year(I've shot my best & worst within 2 months of each other) I'm sure I could show you a few more ways to screw up. :)

Besides the rifle problems early on, how did the rest of the week go?

I just saw your post in GD. That sounds like it was a tough week shooting. But the experience does sound like it was a good one. As well as coming home with a nicely upgraded rifle.

Hope to see you out there in a couple of years.

TonyD said:
Perry was awesome! I learned more ways to f*** up than I even knew existed!

Oh, I could teach you even more. I started shooting BenchRest (Heavy Varmint) at the ripe age of 13.

The only thing I haven't done is Cross fire, YET. Give me time on that, though I don't compete any more.
Derek did leave a few things out.

We met Dwarven1 Thursday night for some IDPA practice (I'll let Dwarven tell you how I shot against him [wink] )

Our trip out to Perry was actually a little over 14 hours long (which included sitting at a rest stop for over an hour waiting on another group)

Only two Marines can get the MP's called on them in less than 30 minutes after arriving at Perry.

Huey's and Cobra's are made of plastic.

We got kicked off that nice little private range.

Bald Eagles really do look like Buzzards with white heads.

National matches are not the time to try to find your zeros.

An accurate data book is like a warm blanket on a cold night.

Derek is part Polar Bear.

John Holliger rocks, AMU sucks!

If everyone is using certain equipment and doing things a certain way, this is NO time to try to be different.

I still think Derek hit me in the head with a shovel that first Thursday night. No way 2 cases of beer did all that damage.
You went to the WRONG MTU. For future reference, go to the Army Guard next time, IF you get the opportunity. They should be better, I do know that the people are better, smarter and have a far better attitude. We've had several of the best shooters in the country work in the same shop I work in. They say that the Army Guard MTU is way better than the Regular Army's.

ETA - For "Mouse Gun" problems, you were better off going to someone outside the military. I've had some awful times explained what a Barrel Extension is to some of the military folks. They actually thought the barrel was machined like that on the back end.
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