**Calling All Appleseed Veterans: Take Aim at the Known-Distance Event in Littleton, NH - August 17-18, 2024!** (Sold out)


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**Forum Post: Known-Distance Appleseed Event - Littleton, NH, August 17-18, 2024**


**Attention Appleseed Shooters!** Ready to take your marksmanship skills to the next level? Join us for a *Known-Distance Appleseed* event on August 17th and 18th at the Alder Brook Sportsman's Association in Littleton, NH. This event is designed for those who've already attended an Appleseed and are looking to shoot at longer distances and learn advanced techniques.

### What is a Known-Distance Appleseed?
This weekend-long program is dedicated to teaching the skills needed to shoot accurately at distances up to 400 yards. Here's what we'll cover:

- **Target detection and ranging**
- **Measuring and compensating for wind**
- **Scopes, reticles, MOAs, and mils**
- **Boxing your sights, battle-sight zero, and come-ups**
- **And more!**

### Prerequisites
Since this is an advanced course, you must meet one of the following criteria:

- Scored Rifleman at least once in a previous Appleseed event.
- Attended multiple Appleseed events and are "knocking on the door" of earning your Rifleman patch.

### What to Bring
- **Limited Space**: This event is capped at 10 students, and there are only a few spots currently open! Register now to secure your place.
- **Centerfire Only**: Maximum caliber of 8mm.
- **Rifle Zero**: Your rifle should be zeroed at 25m or 100 yards.
- **USGI Sling**: Required for all Appleseed events.
- **Round Count**: Expect to use over 400 rounds during the two-day event.

### Location & Registration
- **Location**: Alder Brook Sportsman's Association, Littleton, NH
- **Dates**: August 17-18, 2024

### Additional Events for New Shooters or Refreshers
If you haven't attended a previous Appleseed event, haven't scored Rifleman, or just want a refresher before the Known-Distance event, we have two upcoming events where you can sharpen your skills:

- **Dunbarton, NH**: [Event Date & Location Info]
- **Littleton, NH**: [Event Date & Location Info]

These events are great opportunities to build your fundamentals and prepare for the Known-Distance challenge in August.

### Why Attend?
Experienced shooters will find that shooting at "Rifleman distances" is a major confidence boost and a skill set that will set you apart. Don't miss this opportunity to refine your marksmanship and join other like-minded individuals for a challenging and rewarding weekend.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or send me a message. See you on the firing line!


Ready to take the next step? Register for the Known-Distance Appleseed in August or join us at the earlier events for a refresher. Let's make it a great year for marksmanship!
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