Bush Announces New SC Pick


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Apr 29, 2005
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"President Bush has chosen White House counsel Harriet Miers as his nominee for the Supreme Court to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, CNN has learned. Miers, who has never been a judge, has been leading the White House effort to help Bush choose nominees to the Supreme Court. Supreme Court justices today begin their fall term with a new chief justice -- John Roberts -- the youngest justice on the bench."


This is going to be such a circus,

I am afraid that you are right. One of her "weaknesses" seems to be that she has not been a judge previously. I wonder how this will play.

edited to add: I wonder if nominations like this take into account any masochistict tendencies the nominee may have, cause they are certain to be pilloried in the press and on the floor of the senate.
The lack of experience and the fact that the Liberals are going to do everything in their power to make it impossible for another conservative to be confirmed.
Before I get indigestion...good ol' Dirty Harry did say that he liked Roberts, however he did vote against him. I'm hoping he only means that he likes her as an individual that he's had contact with.
I've heard once in a while a liberal changing over to conservative, but has anyone heard a conservative turning in to a liberal
derek said:
I've heard once in a while a liberal changing over to conservative, but has anyone heard a conservative turning in to a liberal

You wanna take that chance?
Was anyone listening to Sean Hannity this afternoon? I'm not sure what he was reading (as I didn't catch the beginning of it), however, I believe it was a judge in TX that he was quoting. Said person said that Harriet's brother gave her a .45 years ago when she was in Dallas for protection. this judge took her out on to a back road and set up some cans to show her how to shoot. He said that her aim was awful, but he knew she kept the gun for quite a while. He doesn't know if she's still packing or not, HOWEVER, he does know that she believes in the 2nd Amendment.

I'm feeling much better now.
Yes Lynne, I heard it too. I've tried to search around for the text that he was reading from but no luck so far.

Just found this little blurb...

In 1992, in Texas Lawyer, while President of the state bar, Miers wrote about the effect on the criminal justice system of an episode in a Fort Worth courthouse, where in July of that year, a man angry about his divorce went on a shooting spree, killing two lawyers and wounding two judges and a prosecutor before surrendering at a TV station:

* "The same liberties that ensure a free society make the innocent vulnerable to those who prevent rights and privileges and commit senseless and cruel acts. Those precious liberties include free speech, freedom to assemble, freedom of liberties, access to public places, the right to bear arms and freedom from constant surveillance. We are not willing to sacrifice these rights because of the acts of maniacs."
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