Bulged Cases

Dec 12, 2005
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Just bot a 1,000 once fired 10MM cases. I've sorted (Win., Star Line, Fed., PMC, Hornady). In sorting through the Federal brass I noticed that about 1/4 of the total Fed. cases were slighly bulged about .125 above the extractor groove. (No cases have high pressure lines). I can afford to dump these cases, however one reloader said to just resize & use. I appears that the other makes are all fine in this regard (subject to closer looks). Reload or just dump? Thanks in advance...
That bulge is normal. An EGW undersized sizing die is made to take it out. It is only $22. I use them on my .40 and 9mm toolheads and they work great. I hardly ever get a round that won't gage.


"EGW offers custom made, carbide sizing dies that are 0.001" smaller in diameter than typical dies. These dies also flair lower than some other sizing dies and size the case further down, which may prevent feed failures from cases bulged near the base as is typical of brass fired in Glock and other loose chambered guns. A must for the serious competition reloader."
I seen bulged cases from a throated 1911 with some of them thats normal and i just ran them in the resizer and they were ok.
Thanks guys.....I know that this is high pressure round...will test these cases carefully....My latest load that Ive shot is Fed Brass (Amer. Eagle), WLP primer, 12 G of Blue dot, 155G Hornady HP xtp. Just shorter than 1.23 (Hornady spec from book). Taper crimp. My EAA Witness shoots these cases about 15-20 feet! This is normal per EAA in Florida. Loading up 200G Hornady HP Xtps over 9G Blue Dot for pin shooting...Flattens primers all the time, even factory ammo....
Yep- like GTO's post- my G27 cases had me quite concerned until I found out it's normal. My other .40 gun (Sig 229) doesn't bulge the case half as much as the Glock!
I was thinking about it, and if your Witness doesn't have a super tight chamber, you might not have to worry about getting the bulge out completely. Just size normally and see if they drop fit in the barrel (using it separate from the gun as a case gage). My experience with bulged rounds jamming themselves impossibly in my chamber were with tight gunsmith cut 1911 chambers. If it proves to be a problem, know that the U die from EGW is a cheap solution. It is actually a Lee die EGW has made just for them.
Thanks again. Just bot 40 Norma 10MM ammo. Im glad there are some other 10MM fans out there other than Ted Nugent....45 Win. Mag. one of these days. Best........
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