Building your own AR

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May 28, 2007
REP308 I sell Stag lowers they are one of the best. They are part of CMT in New Britten CT and CMT is manufacturing most of the lowers and uppers for the other companies out there.
Contact me for availablity and price.
The price keeps going up on these AR parts. Right now a Stag stripped lower is $125.00 plus the shipping and handling to me $15.00
I discount most Stage parts at 10% so that would be $112.50 plus $15.00 = $127.50
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Nov 2, 2005
North Central MA
Stripped Lower Preferences:

OK I missed the group lower buy and and in the market for a lower (or two). After I voted against Clinton in the '92 elections I took a drive with Windham ME and left Bushmaster with an AR and a couple of lowers that I have built up over the years. I have been very happy with my Bushmaster lowers and uppers but I have not done business with them in over a decade. I'm in the market for a few more lowers to put in the safe and have seen some disparaging comments about Bushmaster in the forum. What is the current preference and opinion on lower brands? Bushmaster, DPMS, Olympic, does it matter?


don't count out the NES lowers yet. some may free up.
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Jan 14, 2008
What is the current preference and opinion on lower brands? Bushmaster, DPMS, Olympic, does it matter?
Ralph stay away from all those that you mentioned. If you want highest quality go with a Colt, Noveske, LMT, LWRC. Other great companies are Stag, Anvil Arms, Spikes Tactical to name a few.

Most (but not all) of the common forged receiver brands come for a handful of OEMs. Some brands handle finishing themselves, but many are 100% identical.

For example, my Fulton lower is indistinguishable from a DPMS; both are LAR receivers. Spike's and Noveske are supposed to use LARs as well.

Stag and Rock River use (or have used) CMT receivers, and Colt was rumored to have done so as well. Stags are certainly fine receivers (although I can't get past the "queer deer" logo myself).

It has been suggested that Bushmaster has used LMT receivers. I don't have an LMT to compare it to, but the best fit & finish lower I've personally come across has been with a recent Bushmaster.

Don't discount Mega receivers... Coleman Tyler has a good deal on re-branded Megas ($111 as of today). IMHO, they're a bit nicer than the LARs, but not as good as the LMTs.

Superior Arms seems to manufacture their own receivers, and there's discussion that they also provide lowers for Anvil. They have a good rep.

Take the above with a grain of salt; the brands in question usually don't disclose who provides their receivers, and sometimes source from multiple manufacturers. The ARFCom guys keep a close eye on the minute differences between the brands. More info here:

Finally: the general consensus seems to be that all of the above supply damn good lowers. Don't get too hung up on the brand... the differences between forged receivers are mostly cosmetic. What you install for your trigger group, upper receiver, and barrel will make all the difference.
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