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Buck jumps through salon window

Dennis in MA

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Feb 12, 2007
I saw that on Chive a couple of days ago. Nice buck.

We had that happen at my office several years ago. Small buck. Came down the railroad tracks at night and found itself downtown Fall Rivah. Ended up busting through the plate glass doors of my building and smashing itself into the ela'ma'vadors and collapsed until the Po-Po could come and dispatch it. Or maybe it was trying to get to the management office and rent out some space. We'll never know.

People lost their stuff about it. "Oh my gawww. They're gonna kill it." No. We're gonna send it to General Hospital where it develops a romance with Nurse Betty then release it back into the wild during Sweeps Week. It's a nearly-dead small buck. Unless you want it loaded into your trunk, we're gonna dispatch it. Period.

I've got pix on my phone somewhere. Hmmm. Maybe not. They were far away. They wouldn't let me in to get proper pix. I might get hurt. LOL
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