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Bringing a Gun From MASS to CT for a Class

Discussion in 'Connecticut Laws' started by Reptile, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Reptile

    Reptile NES Member

    Dec 13, 2006
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    Being a Mass resident with a LTC, can I bring in a Glock (10 round mags) into CT for a multi day class? I will be staying in a hotel. I can travel to and from the range with the gun in a locked case separate from the ammo.

  2. dbott63

    dbott63 NES Member

    Dec 31, 2010
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    From the link above...if you want to get clarification I'd ask the SLFU if the place you're going is "approved". They are usually helpful.

    Any nonresident with a valid out-of-state gun permit may apply directly to the DESPP commissioner for a Connecticut gun permit (CGS § 29-28(f)). Also, bona fide nonresidents permitted to possess and carry handguns in their home state may transport handguns in Connecticut without a Connecticut permit for the purpose of (1) participating in competitions, (2) participating in formal handgun training at a locally approved or permitted firing range or training facility, (3) taking the firearm for repair, or (4) attending meetings or exhibitions of organized gun collectors (CGS § 29-30). And nonresidents may transport handguns without a Connecticut permit through Connecticut for lawful purposes in accordance with federal law if they are not otherwise prohibited from shipping, transporting, receiving, or possessing guns and are transporting them between states where they can legally possess and carry them (CGS § 29-38d).
  3. allen-1

    allen-1 NES Member

    Feb 23, 2014
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    GA; (CT escapee)
    I'll add this, which doesn't answer your question, but might be useful in the future.

    CT doesn't recognize anyone else's permit, no reciprocity.
    BUT - they're good about issuing non-resident permits. If you're a RI or MA resident and you travel into CT at all, I'd get a non-resident CT permit.

    About the only hoop you have to jump through is that you MUST take a handgun safety course, your basic NRA course will suffice.

    Frequently Asked Questions - Pistol Permits
  4. dcmdon

    dcmdon NES Member

    Jan 27, 2009
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    Southeastern CT and Boston Metro West
    You are 100% absolutely totally squeaky clean on this. dbot's citation above is the law. And on a practical level, cops aren't going to screw you over this. I've been active in CT gun politics/rights for 20+ years and have never heard of a person ever getting hassled in a situation like this.
    • Print out a copy of the class outline or whatever is on the providers web page and keep it with you.
    • Print out a copy of the statute that dbot cited above
    • Use common sense, put the UNLOADED gun in the trunk or if you have a SUV a locked container. Ammo is fine to have without any licenses.
    • Don't do anything stupid like going out and getting drunk or driving crazy.
    One thing I used to do when I traveled to non gun friendly places for classes or competitions when I left the hotel to go to dinner is remove the slide from the gun and took the frame out to dinner while I left the slide in the hotel room.

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