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Dec 16, 2007
Wyoming, Rhode Island
I have the following brass for sale. this is range brass with no history unless posted otherwise. Brass has been in tumbler with corn cob media for a hour or so, you may want to do longer. ALL PRICES ARE + SHIPPING OR PICK UP

270 Win. R P head stamp, sized, deprimed and trimed, was going to use to load myself but never did, 100 cases=$20.00 + shippingSOLD

30-06, mixed head stamp. RP/ FC/ WW . 100+=$20.00 + shippingSOLD

41 Mag. no history, mixed head stamp, 150 pieces @ $0.25 ea =$37.50+shippingSOLD
also have a open bos of 500 Penn 41 mag. Bullets 210 gr. cast TCBT, there are 400 + in box, $40.00 + shippingSOLD

44 Mag, new Midway head stamp [star line] 85 pieces=$34.00 + shipping SOLD

44 Mag, no history, mixed head stamp, looks good, 100+pieces=$25.00 + shipping SOLD

45 ACP , mixed head stamp, no military or nickel, 2 bags of 1000 = $40.00 per bag SOLD

9 MM, mixed head stamp, no military or nickel, 1 bag of 1000=$20.00 per bag SOLD

380 auto, mixed head stamp, 300+=$9.00 SOLD

38 AUTO, SuperX brand, looks to be new old stock, some a little tarnished on out side, inside nice and shinny, 200 @ $20.00 per 100 + shipping

223/5.56, mixed head stamp, mostly military, 1 bag of 1000=$40.00+ shipping

308 Win., lapua head stamp, I have a bag of 100, this looks like new brass, clean/ bright inside and out . Because I am not 100% sure they are new I'm selling at once fired price of $0.50 ea= $50.00 per 100 + shipping SOLD

That is it for now, have ., , 300 black out, . and other to sort and count, will up date list as I go. If looking for something ask, may have a few or more. THANK FOR LOOKING
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