Bought a rotary ruger mag from dicks. Can it be returned?

Jan 29, 2014
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Bought one and it works fine other than it won't drop out. I have to use the mag release and physically pull it out. I have two others that work just fine. Am I going to have a hard time returning used firearm parts?
I have no idea about Dick's policies but if it's defective then just ask for a replacement or refund if they're out of stock.

I haven't purchased 10/22 mags in years but the OEM ruger rotary mags are pretty reliable. I do *vaguely* recall having to sand down some rough spots on the edges though to get them to drop free quickly for Appleseed shooting. YMMV
In my experience most new Ruger BX-1 magazines fail to drop freely at first. After they break in a bit they will fall right out when you hit the magazine release.
Ruger will take care of you , no questions asked.
We had a bad Mag for a Ruger American rifle.
"We'll send you out a new one this week sir."
I just bought some stuff from dick's, first time ever in a dick's store. clerk bent over backwards telling me if for any reason i'm not happy, bring it on back for replacement or refund. seemed pretty straight forward here. reminded me of home depot. and of course, he stressed having the receipt.
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