Bolt-action M14?

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Apr 21, 2011
I was at a family reunion a while ago, and my uncle and I were talking about guns. He told me when he lived out in Washington, he had an M14. Assuming he might of meant an M1A, I asked him and he said it was an M14. "Nope wasn't an M1A, it was an old bolt-action M14 from WWI." he said. I figured he meant like a 1903 Springfield or something, but he swore it was called an M14 (no relation to the vietnam era M14 obviously) and that the rifle was bolt-action. I wish he still owned it. Anyone have any idea what he is talking about? He swore it wasn't a 1903 or an Enfield or anything else.
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Jun 18, 2008
One other question, is there any rarity to the rifle? What would be a good price for one?

They are getting hard to find and especially in original condition. It is really hard to keep up with prices these days as they seem to fluctuate too much in this economy. Two weeks ago I offered a gun store $500 for the M17 Enfield in very good original condition and he turned it down. (Now I am glad he turned it down as I really did not have the money). I would guess $400-600 would be right, unless the P14 is worth less than the M17. Perhaps someone with more knowledge will chime in with their opinion. You could always do a completed auction search on the auction sites to see what they are selling for.
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