Blackened Casing? Trigger slap?


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Mar 26, 2013
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Hi there fellow gun freaks...

I took out my ole Walther PK-380, fired off about 50 rounds, had some nasty trigger slap, the trigger actually hurt my trigger finger after about 16 or so rounds... I also had about 5% Failure to Ejects, this is what the brass looked like after I picked up the casings?

Any thoughts if this is a problem?

20150513_142153.jpg 20150513_142148.jpg
All that discoloration on the cases is as a result of the powder burning, but I'm sure you already knew that.

So now the question is, is it because the slide is blowing back too early, or is this ammo poorly fit within the chamber?

You can always try holding the slide closed and firing a round, (hold firmly with the heel of your hand) then rack, eject, and repeat.

If the brass comes out just as ugly, then I would say you've got a pretty loose fit. (It could be the ammo)

If it's noticeably cleaner, you probably need a new recoil spring.

Can't help you with trigger slap.
Those things are pretty much junk, if its S&W stamped I'd get them to fix it and then dump it out and roll it over and get a G42 or something, hell even the M&P BG380 is a better gun than that.

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