Bipod for 10/22


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Dec 26, 2008
Can anyone with experience suggest a bipod for a Ruger 10/22. It’s not modified and has wood stock. Also inexpensive scope.
Try to get idea of how tall you need it to be.
You shoot prone, standing, from seated position on a bench?
I have a few bi pods
1. Walmart/winchester branded harris clone 6-9" cants left and right. For tbe $ 20 it cost its not bad. Sees light duty bench shooting with 22s
2. Harris 6-9" cants left and right , $ 75 or so several years ago. Its much better build and quality and has seen light abuse on ARs.
3. Atlas , i had to return the one i used for a year borrowed from a friend. Its nice but $$$
Heres a pretty good video on the little differences.

The 10/22 can get bulky fast with bi pods and depending on attachment needs.

You can also buy adapters so you can rotate the rifle also. Minus is it adds more bulk.
i seldom use my bi pods these days. Range trips i will use sand bags or my cadwell lead sled.
I have a bi pod on my pest control air rifle still for field use.

As for scopes: End use is key. On my 25yard 22s i have old school 4x scopes and inexpensive 3x9x32 compact scopes.
two scopes I do like on my 22s for 50 yards plus.
1. Mueller 8x32x44 Side AO. Its not overly expensive holds zero and for <$250 very clear.
2. Bushnell AR22 2x7x32 with side AO discontinued now buy
Its decent for the money IMHO they are out there for under $100 now
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Aug 2, 2009
I have a Caldwell swivel bipod and this scope which I love.


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