Bill T Katt needs your help, please donate

Dec 7, 2008
Free State of NH
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If you're a member who goes back a couple of years or more, you'll remember Bill T Katt from car shoots and other NES events.
He recently had a heart attack and is in a bind financially. His son Chris has started a go fund me page to help him out.
Please donate if you can, even a few bucks will help, and anyone that knows him, knows he would do it for you.

Just donated. They take Paypal and you don't have to leave your name. After you pay with Paypal, you don't have to actually sign up to Go Fund Me.

Good Luck and I hope things work out.


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If everyone just throws in $5 or $10 - it would help a lot.
He's in Massachusetts which has glass coverage. Seems his son thinks he needs to pay for the windshield. If you are in contact with them, perhaps recomend the insurance route before paying out of pocket.

only if he has Comprehensive...might be a shitbox and he doesn't
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