Beavertail safety cut radius - AO1911 GI - .250 or .220?

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Feb 14, 2011
Hi guys!

I need help from 1911 builders.

I get quite a bit of hammer bite when I shoot my AO. I have decided to install (myself) a beavertail.

Can someone please tell me what the proper radius cut is needed for a Kahr AO 1911A1 GI?

I have searched the interwebs for hours, and the only thing I have learned is that Springfield Armory requires a .220 radius, because it is Milspec. OK, fine. I gues I then need a .250 cut? The part I am not sure is what Milspec means in this context, and if other manufacturers GIs are also milspec...

I am guessing that one should go with .250 by exclusion (since its not a SA GI milspec!) and if it looks terrible, I can always buy a .220 jig/safety and file some more?

Any help is welcome.

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