WTS BCM Recce-14 MCMR black and FDE in MA at FREE STATE PRICING 1600$


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Feb 9, 2018
Alright you operator and operatesses (trying to be gender inclusive here and assume there are some female operators... I heard one passed BUD/S in the SEAL pipeline so its time to give those wookies their due). In the spirit of Christmas, the season of giving, TPNES is going to let one of his rifle's go for FREE STATE pricing in Commiechusetts. To get more exposure I'll be parsing out the SPOOKY RIFLES post into several individual ones since you cro-magnons have trouble when too many items are presented at one time. Out of TPNES' collection to liquidate for wedding expenses.

TLDR: BCM RECCE-14 MCMR, black or FDE/Bronze, in Massachusetts, NOT FIXED MAG (stop being stupid), for 1600$. LTC-A required, insert all legal bullshit here.

Up on the chopping block is the BCM RECCE-14 MCMR. Thats a lot of tacticool verbiage to unpack so lets break it down. Made by Bravo Company Manufacturing, which is well known and well respected in the MIL/LEO circle for duty-grade weaponry, the Recce-14 comes feature rich with a full-length MLOK handguard rail system. The fantastic BCM barrel is 14.5 inches and to avoid those pesky ATF SBR rules it has a factory pinned muzzle device to get to 16 inches overall barrel length. This makes the rifle as a whole shorter while still satisfying the 16'' requirement and since you live in the People's Republic of Healey you have to have the muzzle device pinned anyways. Call that a win. What sets BCM apart other than its reliability and work-horse ability are some of the in-house designs from BCM itself such as the gunfighter mod 3 pistol grip, gunfighter buttstock, charging handle, a nice out of the box trigger, QD points for you mall ninjas to attach slings to.

Oh did I mention bombproof construction? This is properly assembled and not your Joe Bubba friend in Fall River with a mallet, vice block, and spanner wrench saying he can put your AR parts together. No no, this has a properly staked castle nut, HPT/MPI barrel and bolt (with BCG from 158 steel and with a tool steel extractor).

Why am I breaking all this down when most of you know what BCM is? For all the Lets Go Brandon first-time LTC owners out there who are rushing to process their applications now that they realize their liberal vote got a buffoon elected. Suddenly owning a firearm is pretty appealing to them, in addition to the BLM signs they put out front of their cute suburbia yard, the BAN GAS sticker on their Tesla (which oddly enough is charged from electricity derived from burning coal... but lets not go down that road). What proof do I have that waves of libs are buying guns nowadays? Look no further than the updated ATF 4473 form that allows you to check non-binary under gender.

TPNES out.


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