WTS Battle Rifle Sage EBR Springfield M1A Scout/Squad + extras, trades possible

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Dec 4, 2011
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In MA and is compliant (the muzzle break is pinned and the stock has been fixed so it is not easily adjustable) - I have only seen a couple of these in MA and would like to keep it here as they are hard to come by.

I am thinking about selling my beloved Sage EBR M14 Mod 0 built with a Springfield M1A Scout Squad 18" barrel.

Here is the list of parts

Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad 18" Mossy Oak
Sage EBR Mod 0 Black
Larue Tactical Cantilever Scope Mount (LT-608)
M14 Trigger Shoe
Harris Bipod
Sage forward Grip mini rail
UTG forward Grip
Sage Stripper Clip Rail
UTG 3-12x44 Scope (part# scp3-ugm312AOIEW)
UTG 80mm Scope Adjustment Wheel
M14 Rail mount carry handle
Sage Full Auto Cutout Cover
4 Preban 20 round USGI magazines
1 10 round magazine
MA compliant (muzzle break is pinned and welded, adjustable stock is pinned)

NOTE: Tactical bag in pictures is not included.

This has had less than 100 rounds through it - I probably have a 100-200 rounds of ammo I will also include with the sale. Everything is like new and in perfect condition, gun runs great and the original stock is also included as are the M14 tools, has block tool, cleaning tools etc.

I have a bit over $3800 in this at 2013 prices.

Looking for $2500 or a reasonable offer, just the Springfield M1A, Sage Chassis and Cantilever Mount will run you that much or more at current prices.

Also looking for the following as trades:

FN Scar 17s
FN Scar 16s
HK SL8-6 in black.



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