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Jan 14, 2006
South Eastern, MA
I don't usually check this forum but figured i'd get some input. I haven't been fishing in about a year and a half but have been getting the itch. With the cold weather lasting late and just recently getting into warm temperatures I gotta believe most bass are on beds with the females still in deep water after dropping eggs, or maybe the spawn is just now getting rolling.
Myself I never fished spawn beds. I couldn't see the purpose in pulling a huge male off a bed leaving blue gills to come in and clean it out so the next generation would be diminished.
So I'm asking here, has anyone fished any clear water lately and if so what did you notice? The pond I usually fish is clear water, not much weed growth with visibility to about 10 feet. Largemouth beds are easily visible in 2 to 4 and smallie beds in about 6 or 8. The lack of weed growth and light colored bottom makes for a long time for the water to get up to spawn temperature and this place excels at night and on cloudy days.
BTW, anyone know what the process is for re-registering a boat in Massachusetts? I have a Coleman Crawdad with trolling motor that I let the registraion expire a while back and have to register it again. I'm pretty sure I have to take my info back up to Fall River, thats providing I can find the info. Would an old registration be enough?
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