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Awesome 'GOLIATH' custom/handmade knife 10mm thick supersteel

Discussion in 'NES Yard Sale' started by Peaceseeker, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Peaceseeker

    Peaceseeker NES Member

    Feb 2, 2010
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    Why carry a camp knife, fighter knife, hatchet, etc....when you can just take the....GOLIATH...? :)

    - Handmade by maker Sadowski Knives
    - 10mm thick Bohler K600 steel, perhaps a cross-of-qualities between 4140 chromoly and S7 - i.e.
    - Blade overall length 9 1/4" ; 15 5/16" overall - Originally had a blued finish, but I spent much
    time rendering a fairly-fine satin finish
    - OD linen micarta handle slabs
    - Includes a well-formed micarta sheath, folded/formed, but needing the appropriate ring rivets
    installed, cut-to-shape, and a little flare forming for easy insertion (easily done with a heat
    gun). I can direct you to an online source for the rivets.

    If you like radical and awesome.....here ya go. For the knife guy, it's just a...hunka, hunka
    burnin' love

    - $295.

    Located in Foxboro, MA, and can meet at Gartman or Bass Pro. Will ship.

    fullsizeoutput_108e.jpeg DSCN9791.JPG DSCN9792.JPG fullsizeoutput_1086.jpeg DSCN9783.JPG DSCN9786.JPG fullsizeoutput_1090.jpeg DSCN9790.JPG DSCN9793.JPG DSCN9795.JPG fullsizeoutput_108a.jpeg DSCN9802.JPG DSCN9803.JPG DSCN9768.JPG DSCN9769.JPG DSCN9776.JPG DSCN9777.JPG fullsizeoutput_108c.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1090.jpeg DSCN9790.JPG
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  2. greencobra

    greencobra NES Member

    Jul 2, 2011
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    damn, ya think! me likey….very much.

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