ATF NFA Portal: Deleting Form 1's from your account - gone forever?


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Dec 13, 2006
My first From 1 was from a Trust.
It was eFiled.
It was approved and I still have the original email with PDF attachment and many, many backup copies and hard copies.
When I was in the portal the other day, I saw a "draft". It was a partially completed version of my Trust Form 1.
I figured it was a draft so I deleted it.
Then I came to notice that the completed and approved Form 1 was missing from the "complete" folder section on the portal.
It is no longer on the NFA portal.
This should not be a problem since I have backups of the actual file and PDF stamp.

However, I liked when it was on the portal, as well. I think it was on the portal before.

Does it matter if you delete a Form 1 from the portal?

I'd imagine that the ATF still has a record of the Trust From 1 and all the pages of the trust.
I still have copies on my computer and printed out.

I don't use the Trust anymore (don't need to). I only did a trust to avoid CLEO notification.

Should I worry about my Trust From 1 being missing from my account on the portal?
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