ARs in .308 in competition?

Apr 30, 2005
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Hey all. I was studying up on match class riflery for NMC-style high power competition, and was wondering something- I've seen plenty of M1A's in .308 being used, plenty of space guns (basically AR actions) in .223, and the odd .308 bolt gun.

So how come nobody uses all the new ARs that are out there in .308? The caliber is obviously good for the distances required, and people obviously like using the basic AR design (as evidenced by all the space guns with floating tube guards,) so why are ARs in .308 not being used?

Or are they?
That should be a good question for Derek and Tony to share their wisdom about when they return from Camp Perry!

They are shooting distances there that we generally don't even have at ranges in MA.
A small modicum of insight is that though the AR-15 and the AR-10 look the same, they sure haven't shot the same in the past. The AR-10's relibility isn't good, either. The M1A/M14 blows it away in about every category, and that's the biggest reason you don't see them used in the past. The newer AR-10s may be different.
Derek, I would think the recovery of an AR-10 would be faster than an M14. I know that my L1A1 (FAL) recovers a LOT quicker than my M14, though the M14 is FAR more accurate.
A .308 is still a .308. It's a hell of a lot easier to clean a rapid fire with a .223 than a .308 no matter what platform the .308 is in. Zainiak I don't think weighs more than 160, which is also something he should consider when chosing a competition weapon.
Agreed on the rapid fire. A 223 would be faster than a 308. I figure an AR-10 would be faster recovery than an M14, since my FAL certainly is. And the FAL's "Ergonomics" are very similar to the AR-10 and AR-15, though definitely more muzzle rise and recoil than the AR-15.
Oh, I'll also add that it has been well documented that the AR-15 is the most accurate Semi-Auto out there. I'm talking custom guns, not "out of the box" production guns. The AR-10 doesn't share that distinction.
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