Armed Residents Respond to Home Invation - Video

And that's exactly why I am against having a gun on the nightstand next to me when I sleep. This guy, by his own admission, was dead tired and didn't hear a thing until bullets started flying. If these scumbags were brave enough to go up to his room, chances are he would not wake up and it could end terribly wrong if they made it to the nightstand before he woke up. I've heard of too many people who simply did not wake up when someone not only walked into their house, but actually stole stuff from the nightstand next to them while they were sleeping.
Under then pillow is one thing; on the night stand up for grabs? Not even a chance.
I think dogs and an alarm system are the best. The dog will most likely alert you and possibly scare the would be intruders away before they enter the house. But in the event he/she doesn't the alarm should trip if they enter and that would alert the homeowner/resident.

And this isn't about conforming to any non-gun standard. It is to absolutely guarantee me that I am alerted and have the most reaction time possible...
Sleeping in separate rooms. I wonder that pistol is just for the home intruder or not.
he had an alarm, at one point he mentioned the GF went to hit the panic button

Ahh, I didn't watch the whole thing. I'm using my phone but it looks like they came in through an open this guy is sleeping with a gun in an umsecure house.

Clearly if they opened the (apparently unlocked) window the alarm was not in use...but both occupants were armed.

That's putting your underwear on after your pants.
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