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Armed Home Defense Tactics With Rob Pincus Last Chance to Sign Up!

Discussion in 'Training' started by Cape Gun Works, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Cape Gun Works

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    Apr 16, 2014
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    96 Airport Rd. Hyannis, MA


    This course will introduce students to the fundamental tactics recommended for Armed Home Defense. This is not a "CQB", "Room Clear" or other pseudo-team tactics course pulled from military or law enforcement doctrine for trained teams looking for threats. This course material is designed to be applied in the home, workplace or public building by one person, potentially with family or others, to evade a threat or move to a position of advantage as safely as possible or to engage a threat as efficiently as possible, using corners, concealment and cover to their advantage.

    Open to:
    General Public / Law Enforcement / Military / Private Security

    Cost: $250

    Please bring the following gear to the course (per person):

    • Pistol
    • Good quality belt, holster and magazine carrier
    • 300 rounds of ammunition
    • At least 3 magazines
    • Handheld Flashlight
    • Eye and ear protection.
    • Notebook and Pen
    • -(optional) Copy of "Defend Yourself" Book, by Rob Pincus
    • Sunscreen, bug spray, and/or sufficient protective clothing based on the forecast weather conditions.
    If you serve or are employed in an armed capacity, we recommend you train with your duty gear. For concealed carry permit holders, we recommend that you start the course with an outside the waistband holster, but bring your concealed carry rig if you want to get some reps using that setup.

    Students should arrive at 8:30AM and be ready to begin class by 9:00AM. Plan on about an hour lunch break, and ending time of between 5-6PM. There is a debriefing at the end of the day.

    Instructor Bio:
    Formerly the Director of Operations at the Valhalla Training Center, Rob has been a trainer and consultant in various combative fields for many years and is the developer of the Intuitive Defensive Shooting Program. His background in military, law enforcement, executive protection and recreational shooting gives him a broad experience base. Rob’s specialty is progressive reality based training and fitting the fundamentals into the context of his diverse students’ environments.

    At the end of 2007, when Valhalla’s ownership decided to make the venue more exclusive, Rob established I.C.E. Training Company.

    His courses emphasize EFFICIENCY and what really works during critical incidents, not what looks good on the square range or sounds good in court or in a classroom. Rob’s ideas on training & tactics have been shared all around the world through his role as a writer and Training Consultant with S.W.A.T. Magazine as well as lectures and courses throughout the United States and Europe.

    Rob’s Personal Defense Video Series, covering armed and unarmed defense, has shipped over 1 million copies.

    Venue: Cape Gun Works

    Venue Phone: (508) 771-3600

    Venue Website: Cape Gun Works – Your Full Service Gun Shop – Our job is to assist you in finding whatever works best for you, and no two gun owners are the same. We’re happy to share our knowledge if you’re interested in learning more…

    96 Airport Rd, Hyannis, Massachusetts, 02601

    Click Here to Sign Up:


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