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Feb 27, 2005
Plymouth, MA
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Archer Arms on RT58 in Carver, MA. The owner is Joe McCann, a great guy. Talks to you, answers questions, no attitude. Small shop but will work with you in any way.
Went there today to see if he had any Black Hills ammo for Derek's Highpower Clinic. He didn't have any in stock and didn't even know where to get it. He checked around, found it and ordered it for me. I probably could have found it cheaper online but why bother. What's a couple of bucks when you can support a local business?

Problem is getting them to ship it to you.It's kind of illegal to ship ammo to MA.

No, it isn't illegal, although it definitely is a problem. It's just that our AG hates guns and anything associated with them (e.g., us), so he runs little sting operations where his lackies try to by ammo from out of state either without an FID or LTC or with a doctored or illegible photocopy of one, then threaten the dealer with legal action for violating Massachusetts law. Since it more expensive to fight than it's worth, the dealers almost invariably roll over and sing a consent agreement promising to have nothing more to do with the AG's subjects. I understand that there are still a few out of state dealers that are managing to fly under the radar, but if we were to discuss them in a public forum, that would ruin their stealth characteristics.

Anyone feel free to Pm me some dealers that will ship to MA.I haven't tried it,but I just get the feeling places like don't need the extra hassle involved shipping stuff to MA.

Hell,I would even fax them a copy of my LTC-A to keep on file.

I know a few people in NH,and I will prob go that route if i can't find a dealer willing to ship me ammo.The only problem is my NH friends live near Concord,so the travel costs involved almost offset the money saved.

Did I mention that MA sucks ? I can't wait to move up to the land of silencers and bayo lugs.
Sending your LTC will have no bearing on the sale. They're going after these ammo dealers because they are not licensed to sell in Mass. Some argue that the sale doesn't take place in Mass but Adolph Reilly doesn't care. To sell ammo in Mass, the dealer must pay a $100 "fee" for the license. The problem is, there is no mechanism in place for an out of state dealer to aqiure one. The license is issued, once again by "the chief of police (or other official) of a city or town". Where would a ammo dealer located in East Egypt, TN apply?
GOAL has a little blurb on out of state ammo sales under the "Laws and Regs" link. I don't know how old the info is but it says "Given all of the above facts, many ammunition vendors are currently reluctant to sell in Massachusetts. We ask that you be patient with them while the lawyers sort it all out."

I'll wait for LenS to hopefully chime in and add some updated info....

The AG will do whatever he can to make it expensive and a hassle to buy and possess firearms and ammunition in this state PERIOD All the creep has to do, is add 1 sentence to the current statute.
Jon has it correctly, except for the LTC issue. The laws (Fed & State) require that guns and ammo be sold within the state laws of the state of sale and the purchaser's state. Thus we should be required to produce a copy of the LTC as proof that we can legally possess the ammo we are buying and that should be sufficient to cover the dealer's rear. MANY out of state sources didn't require any proof of age/legal ability to possess (I've made purchases by phone with no required proof of age or anything else, although this was a few years prior to the AG sting) and that is one legit reason why they got stung. The MA Ammo Dealer's License is a red herring, but a very dangerous one.

If EOPS wanted to "allow" interstate commerce, the Sec of Public Safety could add a sentence to the CMRs stating that non-MA Dealers apply to MA State Police to obtain the MA Ammo Dealer's License. But he hates guns and gun owners as much as Herr Reilly, so that won't happen under his "reign"!

I've talked with some non-MA Dealers/Distributors and all that I spoke with were willing to spend the $100/year to sell into MA, if there was only a legal way to get it.
Just stopped by today to pick up some 223 62gr and some 243 100gr for sundays match.

The process went nice and smooth. What I liked afterwards was when I was looking at 2 pistols. He was more than happy to explain the two pistols I looked at, answer questions about them in reguards to carry their safety features.

Its closer to me than Four Seasons Guns, but felt I got same CS from Joe. Though, FS has a much much bigger selection.
From their website:

For a reasonable fee, we also do transfers for individuals who wish to register a handgun, rifle or shotgun in Massachusetts which they have lawfully acquired from outside the state of Massachusetts (sales tax may be required to be collected at this time).

I have a problem or perhaps two (depending on interpretation of what he wrote) with this statement:

- If I pay "Person x" for a product, have it shipped to Archer Arms for pickup and paperwork, there is NO SALE at Archer Arms and they can't legally charge/collect sales tax.

- The phrase about them charging a fee to "register" a gun that was lawfully acquired from outside MA may be poorly worded . . .

* If he means using him for the transfer, that is fine.
* If he means charging me to do an FA-10 on a CMP M1 (directly shipped to you) or a purchase done at an FFL in another state and brought into MA, he really shouldn't be in that business and nobody should have to pay to have it done. Just pick up the FA-10 at any PD (or call CHSB for forms), fill it out as a "registration" (no seller info) and send it in.

It looks like my second comment above is correct, based on the following quote from

We also do transfers for properly licensed residents who wish to purchase firearms that may be legally possessed in Massachusetts from other states. We handle firearms transfers through other FFL dealers out of state to Massachusetts licensed individuals.
Archer Arms-Carver, MA

This small shop in downtown Carver has served me well in the last couple of years. Long guns, handguns and always a very helpful person to talk to.
Met Joe at Archer Arms last week. He's a cop (28 years) full time and hopes to run the gunshop when he retires in two years.

He's straight as an arrow, and interpets the state laws VERY strictly, though I think incorrectly at times.

He's still a nice guy, but he pulls out his rules book real fast, and after that he will not bend.

He's a MA certified Firearms Safety Instructor.

I'll go back, but I play it pretty straight most of the time anyway. I liked him.
joes a really nice guy and will anwser any question regarding MA gun laws with out any BS. the shop also does some light gunsmithing work and has some ammo and guns.
Archer is a +1 shop. Joe is friendly, knowledgable and patient. I think that is a key element in good customer service, the patience angle.

Sit and speak with me about my options without any compunction to make money, and you have my business. Try to rush me out the door for the quick buck, and you are FUBAR.

Joe is not the latter, but the former.

I get most of my ammo from Archer Arms now because of that. Also, it is a nice place to sit and shoot the breeze about anything firearms-related.
Just stopped by there today, Joe is a very nice guy. I was going to buy some ammo but he didn't have what I was looking for.

There were 6 or 7 handguns on display- one being a Walther P5 which are tough to find in MA, and some long guns on the wall.
I am there at least a few times a month, very happy with service. Nice down to earth guy. I was very impressed since the first time I went in there I had my little boy hanging off my neck. Zero attitude because my husband was not with me. I have had attitude at other places (being female in gun shop). Helped me out with a problem I had today. He also has another EBR on the wall
I bought my current carry 4013TSW prerail model from him, A bit high price but I WANTED ONE! I try to cycle through all the dealers. Sometimes you just get what you want at a price you are willing to pay that way.
So if you have a copy of a dealers FFL licence, fax it to the out of state dealer, will they ship it to your house or to the dealers address?
I just went to this place for the first time today. Great guys, but out of stock like everywhere else. I will definitely use this place again. Much better than Middleboro Gun Shop.
Joe hasn't had a review for a while so here goes, I have been dealing with Archer Arms for quite a few years now, have purchased about 11 handguns from him over the past few years, both new and used. Prices are on par with most shops in the area, higher on some lower on others. Friendly service and never an attitude, if he doesn't have it he will do his best to get it. I go in there on a weekly basis, because if Joe gets a good deal on a used gun he passes that good deal on to his customers to move it. I know I have a few. There is a chair to the right as you go in the door if i'm not sitting there usually someone else is. If it's empty have a seat and shoot the bull. It's that friendly a place. We have to keep the local guys in business.
It's been a long time since anyone has written about archer arms so here goes. I swung in there today for some 7.62x54r for my mosin nagant. Just wanted to say this guy was very friendly, knew his stuff about mosins and the ammo, and confirmed that the prices on that surplus stuff is on fact going up. Anyways I just wanted to write this because despite the small inventory, this is a nice clean shop and this guy was friendly, knowledgeable and treated me just like anyone else. (Not always the case in gun shops as I am a younger guy). Anyways I will continue to give him as much business as I can because of his customer service and reasonable price of 20 rd bricks of surplus ammo.
So if you have a copy of a dealers FFL licence, fax it to the out of state dealer, will they ship it to your house or to the dealers address?
You can also walk into most any gun shop in US and buy a gun with that FFL. Then you can hold up a bank with it and gutter the gun on the way home. A trace will be done and the buck will stop at the dealer who gave you his FFL. Any dealer who lets his FFL float around loose needs his head examined. Jack.
Archer arms, good shop. down side most of the time i am down that end of rt58 he is closed?
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