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AR Question...I wonder..

Jun 7, 2005
The Land of Confusion and Pissed off!
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I saw this post from Derek.

When we get together for the fall shooting trip you can try my AR and see how you like it. It's heavy though 15.5 lbs, but I weighted it down for match shooting. And it's accurate.


I was in Northeast Trading the other day and they had a match AR. I picked it up and it was HEAVY. I was wondering why they do that. Why do you do that?
The barrels are heavier. Glenn's has a match barrel,mine doesn't. I don't like the extra weight,but I think they are more acurate. I'm sure Tony or Derek or someone else more knowledgeable will be along.
Barrel is part of it, Mostly it is to dampen movement and lessen recoil. the last match gun I built was in the 12-14 lb range, But it was only good for that.
But I could hit things with that rifle so well. :D (great barrel on it.)
Oh and they also have a steel freefloat tube on them so you can twist into the sling hard without bending the barrel.
Heavier barrel = larger circumference = more surface area = cools faster in theory = less jump angle when the shot breaks.

Having a heavy barrel, weight in the handguards, and a buttstock weight make the rifle sit better in the shooting positions. Because of the weight of the rifle the front sight does not come out of the black when I shoot my 200 meter and 300 meter rapid fires. This is key when trying to shoot 99's and 100's.

I also find it easier to shoot the 200 standing with a heavy rifle.
As Derek said it dampens the movement and recoil so your natural point of aim is less disturbed during firing.

One correction, though. A heavier barrels does not cool faster. In fact, it takes longer to cool. However, it takes longer to heat up, therefore less affect on point of impact during a rapid fire session.
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