AR mag well issue

Mar 31, 2008
On the right side of the MA/NH border.
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Ok, so I built this SBR, which so far kicks ass. I'm having one problem that I could use some suggestions solving. I'm using a Troy Ambi mag release and so far my pmags are not dropping free, I have to rip them out to do a mag change. I've loosened the mag catch but it doesn't seem to be helping. Before I look into using a different part, do you guys have any suggestions on solving this issue. It's not a deal breaker, but it would be nice if I could get it to run a little smoother.
Take the mag catch out and see if the mag is binding in the well. It has been my experience that mag pul mags are a little larger than GI.
I'm using older pmags with the window. They drop just fine out of my other ar, so I assumed they'd be ok with the new one. I haven't tried my steel mags since I have them loaded in the safe. I'll give them a try to see it they work any better.
Some lowers have tighter mag wells than others.
Any plastic mag can sometimes bulge a little enough to prevent a free drop.
I'd try some standard aluminum USGI and see if it still does it.
I was using a Troy ambi on my Yankee hill and most of my mags would fall out. Tried everything but for some reason the Troy works better with certain lowers.
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