AR-15 Threaded barrel?

Sep 13, 2008
Airstrip One, MA
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I am in the process of gathering the essentials to build my first AR. I have a pre-ban lower and intend to have all the "evil" features allowed. I am considering purchasing a threaded barrel and installing a muzzle device. Since the barrel is mounted on a pre-ban weapon I can leave the muzzle device unpinned/welded correct? That way I could change it down the road if the mood struck. I wouldn't need to register the weapon any differently with it having a threaded barrel would I?

Yes I would, or I wouldn't? Care to elaborate?

Yes, you don't have to pin, arc weld, JB Weld anything. You can screw anything on there you like with the exception of a silencer/noise suppressor.

There is one little glitch, however... and that is your pre-ban lower had to have left the factory as a complete rifle, or was ever assembled in a pre-ban configuration prior to 9/13/94, then it's legal to have a threaded barrel . If not... then the risk is yours.
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